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  1. sk23

    refunding tickets on ticketmaster

    has anyone had any success returning and receiving a refund from ticketmaster without insurance?
  2. sk23

    any staples center connect?

    theres a concert in sept and was wondering if anyone had a connect for presale tickets
  3. sk23


    anyone going this year at the staples center?
  4. sk23

    korean music festival 2010

    is anyone going to this event at the hollywood bowl this year? 
  5. sk23

    HELP getting random texts all day

    so i have been getting random texts all day from numerous area codes. how do i stop these text from coming? btw i have a blackberry. thanks
  6. sk23

    girlfriend turns 21 where should i take her?

    so my girlfriend is finally turning 21, what are good suggestions on where to take her in the bay area? thanks
  7. sk23

    NT, I Can't Hold A Conversation... VOL.:(

    with a female? or just in general?
  8. sk23


    what do you think about girls who take too many pictures of themselves? good or bad thing?
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