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  1. jrocknikerock

    **Supreme Paradise Quilt camp white Deadstock**

    I ship 2-3 day FedEx or USPS 2-3 priority
  2. jrocknikerock

    **Supreme Creeper five panel Navy/Gold VNDSSSSS**

    I ship FedEx 2-3 ground or usps 2-3 day priority
  3. jrocknikerock

    **Supreme 2012 Twill camp Pink VNDS**

    I ship via FedEx ground 2-3 day or usps 2-3 day priority Worn twice, no sweat and only to class, about four hours total.
  4. jrocknikerock

    **Supreme x Undercover Synhead White Deadstock size Medium

    I ship via FedEx 2-3 ground, or USPS 2-3 priority Deadstock only hung up
  5. jrocknikerock

    **Supreme x 3 6 mafia White Deadstock size Medium**

    Brand new, only hung up. Never worn. Will ship via FedEx ground 2-3 day, or usps 2-3 day.
  6. jrocknikerock

    NT,check out my verses to Dead Presidents!

    Wussup NT im a rapper/singer from Houston,Texas. Just trying to get my music out there and move ahead in the music industry. Hope you like it. Been rappin formaybe a year now. Started writing not so long ago, started off just freestyling. Completed a 12 track mixtape this year, which you can...
  7. jrocknikerock

    XBOX 360 networkin question

    sup nt, so i just recently bought a xbox 360. i have att internet connection, not the fastest but fairly decent. i dont have a router or anything, so toconnect to xbox live i simply take the ethernet wire from the computer, and plug it into the xbox. when i play halo or 2k, it trouble shoots...
  8. jrocknikerock


    delete my bad wrong section TEAMKINGKOOPA
  9. jrocknikerock

    HOUSTON NT'ERS- who copped releases at the Galleria?

    just wondering. this is my spot for all the general releases. and maybe for limited since they got kikz and all that now. who else waits in line at the galleria? TEAM KING KOOPA LaDainianTomlinson06-07NFL MVP
  10. jrocknikerock

    *WHOS a NIKETALKER from HOUSTON,TX?*(enter if u r)

    i was just wondering.seems like not many.i mean i wonder when i go malls and stuff if some of the ppl with heat are niketalkers too :lol . where do most of yall stand in line for shoes in the morning? or do yall at all? i mean there has to be more then just me and my 2 friends that are...
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