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  1. q-ball2220

    Shox Stunner.....It’s time for a retro

  2. q-ball2220

    Fat Joe Appreciation

    No love for Joe the God? I feel he is the most underrated dude outta NY maybe even in rap period but i love Joe. Big fan of dude and i feel he helped Miami and whatnot. Dude def has some good albums too. Early 90s Joe............Lord Knows! Fellas chime in
  3. q-ball2220

    Slutty Boyz/Yung Gleesh

    What yall think about these dudes? anybody kno why Gleesh aint cool with them no more? cuz they say him n Trel got a beef now smh
  4. q-ball2220

    T.I Trap Muzik Appreciation

    Been bumpin this alot lately, I remember when it came out man i though Be Easy was tooooo cold. still do but yall dont mind me i kinda live in 2003 lol. But thats music wise i def dont dress like 03 lol
  5. q-ball2220

    What Yall Know About Sauce Money

    Ok so i was bumpin some old Big Daddy Kane stuff n was bumpin Bring it on on Reasonable Doubt and got me thinkin What happened to dude? i seen em do a freestyle on KaySlay joint a lil while ago n dude still got it. I also kno he did more ghostwriting for ppl too. So i guess this is more of a...
  6. q-ball2220

    This aint !@#$%^&* LL Cool J Put em up!!!

  7. q-ball2220

    Jordan 4 Tear

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