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  1. mlkfan

    Joe Rogan Podcast

    Alot of people don't know, his stepdaughter is half black Her dad was an R&B singer back in the 90s...
  2. mlkfan

    Encounters With Gas Station People?

    I got my Driver License a couple months back and my Mom lets me drive her Chevy Equinox on Weekdays as long as I fill it up. Every once in a while pedestrians will approach me while I'm at the pump. If I have a 10 or a 20 on me, I'll bless them but most of the time all I've got is 50s or 100s...
  3. mlkfan

    What are some personal dreams youve given up on? VOL.....JASON WATERFALLS

    Or a successful music producer :lol: Sorry bruv, you left yourself wide open for that :smokin ^You haven't updated your Soundcloud in almost a year and half, I'm guessing you've finally quit making beats/starting projects?
  4. mlkfan

    U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals'

    So I watched the film, and here's the take aways: -Washing your hands/brushing your teeth uses up a gallon of water a day. -Everytime you flush a Toilet it uses up 3 gallons of water, and 6 gallons if your house was built before 94'. -Laundry & Dishes use up about 10-15 per week. -During a...
  5. mlkfan

    People Who Work 2 Jobs

    So every Friday I go to Barnes and Nobles to check out the new Magazines, etc and get my latte fix. I noticed there's a dude in a UPS Uniform reading Autobiographies, so I start up a conversation and stuff. -Dude's name is Benjamin, in addition to working at UPS he also is a bartender at...
  6. mlkfan

    Roddy Ricch Thread - Antisocial Out Now

    Am I the only one who's confused how "The Box" went number one? 1 - There's no official Music Video yet 2 - The Beat is too gangsta/hardcore and doesn't have any Glittery Pop sounds 3 - The lyric's have excessive slang/profanity, and no particular line that can be sung by people of all age...
  7. mlkfan

    How one man brought FILA back from da dead. VOL chicks dig dad shoes

    Nope, those are the Air Jordan IX (which you should know, being on NIKETALK DOT COM of all sites :smh:) I can understand why you may get confused tho...
  8. mlkfan

    70 Years Old and STILL Broke...Da Hell?

    At work, there's a 68 year old dude Ronald who got hired a couple months before I did. Bruh is always complaining about how the job doesn't pay enough, which left me puzzled cause people his age get: -Senior Discounts at Restaurants and Stores -Get Free Medical Coverage -Have either a paid off...
  9. mlkfan

    Dallas police woman breaks into home of young man and shoots him to death Update: GUILTY of murder

    Back in the day, Janet Jackson's boyfriend himself landed in jail for this:
  10. mlkfan

    Faux Daisy Dukes - New Fashon Trend 4 Girls?

    So I been seeing this style lately, wear they cut a pair of jeans so the inside pockets hang out. If the girl has a hipster style (tats, big frame eyeglasses, piercings, combat boots) i think it might look good, but for a regular thot who shops at stores like Forever21 i think it looks kind...
  11. mlkfan

    People Who Smoke Cigarettes - UNAPPRECIATION

    Coughing up a Storm Clearing their throat every 5 minutes. (Hawking Loogies) Littering their Cigarette Butts Everywhere Sliding them behind their ear (pencil style) thinking it makes them look like a "Badass" Wandering around, asking people if they have a lighter Trying to use lighter in Windy...
  12. mlkfan

    Thugs Raping Elderly Women...Why?

    So I was browsing NYPD's Twitter and seen this: When they break into the home, thats automatically felony do they think to themselves, whats one more felony in the grand scheme of things? I stumbled upon this blog called The Injustice File, and apparently this is a common theme...
  13. mlkfan

    DaBaby Thread

    Interestingly, dude is 27 years old so this gives hope to a lot of wannabe/aspiring rappers (including those on NT) it is still possible and the dream is alive :wow: (especially with bruh hailing from NORTH CAKALAK...aint nobody blew up out there since JODECI in 91' and they had to travel up to...
  14. mlkfan

    I Just Realized FUTURE Sounds Like JA RULE?

    Up here in Omaha, people have been bumping TEMPTATION non stop. I literally hear it multiple times a day, to the point I know the whole song by heart :blush: So anyways, I was feeling nostalgic last night and listened to Ja's magna opus, Down A s s B tch ….and several of the bars remind me...
  15. mlkfan

    R Kelly is still a savage

    Y'all forgetting R Kelly 6 foot 1, 200 lbs solid muscle. If he was a lil dude like Swae Lee, Bruno Mars or Kendrick Lamar there might be a concern, but he did grew up in the most dangerous neighborhood in America. (Southside of Chicago). Considering the Crack Cocaine epidemic, It was probably...
  16. mlkfan

    Age of Consent Discussion (USA)

    It's generally middle class suburban people who think it's strange, in both the Hood and Affluent Wealthy areas you often see relationships with 20 year age gaps....
  17. mlkfan

    Kobe Bryant and New Girlfriend React To Bill Burr (VIDEO Inside)

    Am i the only one who thought she kind of looks similar to the Colorado chick who #MeToo'ed him back in 03'? She does have a beautiful smile though if you watch other videos, its perplexing that her teeth are in better condition that Kobe's. Also she doesn't talk stupid slang like "Turnt...
  18. mlkfan

    Kobe Bryant and New Girlfriend React To Bill Burr (VIDEO Inside)

    Since retiring Kobe seems to have gained 20-30 lbs...not quite as Fat as Shaq, but troubling when you think what the next 5 years may bring., Dude's teeth also look jacked up, which is baffling with Kobe literally being a millionaire 500x over...what do you guys think?
  19. mlkfan

    Received a check in the mail thats not mine

    lol, bruh on that white collar wave :wow:
  20. mlkfan

    Received a check in the mail thats not mine

    Look them up on Facebook (only takes 1-2 minutes tops), offer to meet up in person to deliver... Who knows, they might become your got great conversation material (besides the check) -When/How Long they lived in your house - you can talk about your likes/pet peeves -Where they...
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