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  1. bendover

    Reasons you were blocked on social media?

    Why were you blocked and who blocked you? There was a Pins Page that was holding a convention, I was excited to go. They had to cancel due to Covid-19. The dude running the page said “I’m gonna go on live and interview all the vendors”. Dude had like 200+ vendors. I left him a comment like...
  2. bendover

    PC Diamond High SB Dunk

    Wondering how much I should list these at. Deadstock. With the shirt. Thanks in advance :smile:
  3. bendover

    What is the hardest thing about your job?

    Im in accounting. I would say the hardest thing is audit support. You get stacks on stack of requests working long hours to prove whats going on. What are yours?
  4. bendover

    Anybody have a Nike HQ plug?

    I'm heading to Portland today. I wanted to visit the Nike HQ, i had no idea i needed an invite Figured i ask the NT Fam, maybe someone had a invite ticket for me like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory. I would really REALLY appreciate it. Willing to pay, or buy you a brew, or lunch. Any...
  5. bendover

    People that owe you money

    Let's hear the stories about how someone never paid you back. I used to do Taxes, a friend of mine said he was coming in late before closing. He ended up bringing his girl with him. I did his but told him it was too late to do his girls. He said "Ill pay you when i get my return". I said...
  6. bendover

    How long were you at your job till you lost that "Spark"?

    Been about 18 months. Been too many changes recently. Not sure if to stick it out or start looking. How about ya?
  7. bendover

    What was your first “Big Purchase”?

    After you graduated or once you got an “adult” job. What was that first big purchase where you splurged out? -first paycheck I gave to my mama -second paycheck I spent 1.8k on a gold chain.
  8. bendover

    What did you buy yourself for the holidays?

    -Copped a sherpa jacket -Diamond SB's. How about you guys
  9. bendover

    Do you believe in "the one that got away"?

    That ONE girl that was perfect for you but something happened and things couldn't workout for whatever reason....
  10. bendover

    Did your father teach you to be a womanizer or a monogamist?

    Sooo the old saying that "the apple doesn't fall from the tree" is what I'm implying here. Growing up and seeing your dad, whether he was single, divorced, or married. Did you pick up on his ways? What were his ways?
  11. bendover

    List of random things you want to learn

    There's a couple of things that I've been wanting to learn but I never really take any initiative to learn. Anybody else have these? I want to learn -Salsa Dancing -How to solve a Rubix Cube -How to play Chopin Nocturne no 2
  12. bendover

    How many group chats are you in?

    How many active chats do you keep on your phone? What kinda groups are they.
  13. bendover

    What are some embarrassing moments you've had this year?

    I was in class and one of my professors asked where do we get our news from and some classmates were yelling out Fox, NBC, Yahoo. That morning I was listening to the news on my radio so I yelled CPR. He looks at me all lost, "....CPR...?" and I'm like "yea?" It's on the AM radio. He looks around...
  14. bendover


    Hey, NT I'm selling a pair of 2005 De La Souls High Dunk SB's Shoes come with OG BOX  & BOTH LACES. I would like $275 plus shipping. Shipping depending where you are located. Local Meet Ups in Santa Monica area. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. I have plenty of refs 
  15. bendover

    Would you have swung? Vol security

    So I went out with the bros tonight. ( 6 of us) The night was going good then a security guard Started picking up bottles and spilled a beer on my friend. ( 6ft, athletic built, gages on both ears (the security)) He tells my friend " go get a towel" My friend says "can you get me one? You...
  16. bendover

    Ballerina Dances on Knives

    I have not seen something so DOPE in a while. I just had to share. It made me cringe yet i couldn't keep my eyes off   
  17. bendover

    Do you have a LinkedIn VOL Networking

    I want to apply for a job. You MUST have LinkedIn in order to apply. I don't really want to start it because i feel its going to be like a Facebook. Can someone put me on game? ALSO IF ANYBODY ON NT WANTS TO NETWORK. THIS COULD BE THE THREAD. (Don't know why it wasn't thought of before)
  18. bendover


    I was noticing there's always some odd/ funny / weird/ unbelievable things that happen in the classroom. Share Some of your experiences: -One time a kid walked into the class with his sunglasses on. The teacher asked him to take them off and the kid said I can't. The teacher asked him why and...
  19. bendover


    I just got my grades in for winter quarter. I'm super happy. Feel like sharing the vibes. I'm a college student so I'm broke. But if you can guess my GPA you get a free dollar. _._ _ Clues - Higher than a 2.00 Lower than a 4.00 MUST GUESS ALL THREE DIGITS 128516128516128516128536128516128516128516
  20. bendover

    Have you "fallen off" since high school?

    -Gained weight/ Lost Weight -Dressed better / Dressed Worst -Picked up badder chicks / Picked up grenades …Lets hear them? I was 220 in HS. Im 180 now I think i dressed better before. Long white Tee's were a staple lol with a 2X jacket.  IDK why tho, i think i picked up better chicks in HS. I...
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