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  1. lilmj23456

    LiveMixtapes Radio App Is Out Now For iOS!

    Check this out. Finally after all this time we get an app to stream music off the site. Only for iOS now but they are saying it should be available for Androids soon.
  2. lilmj23456

    What mixtapes are you currently listening to?

    Trying to see what new mixtapes everyone has been bumping. I've had Alley Boy's 'War Cry' tape in heavy rotation And I can't stop bumping this Space Invaders 10 since it dropped :smokin...
  3. lilmj23456

    Does Anyone On NT Work In The Music Business?

    I was just wondering if anyone on NT works in the music business. I know most likely the people that do work for major labels in the business won't come out of the woodwork since they don't want to be bombarded with PM's. However I figured people can post in here as a Q & A to help people who do...
  4. lilmj23456

    Anyone hip to this new Trap/EDM Music?

    This sound is the next new thing to come out in music I believe. Anyone really hip to this yet? Because I think it could be huge. If you dont think this stuff is hot because its only instrumentals wait till we get your favorite rappers on these songs. If feel like if you listen to these songs...
  5. lilmj23456

    Check Out This 15 year old: Ezzy!

    I work in the music business in Cleveland and with Livemixtapes and this kid is blowing up in Cleveland. His name is Ezzy and he's only 15 and has been getting spins on the radio like crazy. Just dropped a tape yesterday thats pretty dope. http://indy.livemixtapes....16882/ezzy_its_ezzy.html
  6. lilmj23456

    POLL: Livemixtapes or Datpiff?

    I want to hear some of your opinions on which site you prefer for checking out and downloading new mixtapes. I personally go with Livemixtapes bc it's a lot more organized and they are more strict on who they allow to post mixtapes. The one plus I like about datpiff is that they had a community...
  7. lilmj23456

    Anyone hip to this dude Machine Gun Kelly/MGK?

    He's from Cleveland and has been getting crazy buzz lately with even a Co-sign from Diddy on Twitter. Any one ever hear any of his stuff or seen him on MTV Sucker Free? Dude can definitely spit! Heres one of his viral videos(not sure how to get the video on here but heres the...
  8. lilmj23456

    Please Give My Friends Song A Listen and Let Me Know What You Think

    Hey guys this is my friend Aaron Lafette from Cleveland whose song is just starting to play locally on the radio out here. Please give it a listen and let me know what you guys think. Its got a real nice vibe and Mike Posner type of vibe to it. All feedback is welcomed...
  9. lilmj23456

    Chicago NTers Help Me Out

    Im gonna be in town next week from Cleveland wanna know some good spots to check out. I already know of Leaders and am planning to check that out but anywhere else I should check out. TEAM CLEVELAND.......OG Member #4
  10. lilmj23456


    Does anyone in the Cleveland area know of any places that are getting the Laser V's and/or the Penny Foams? Any help for both shoes is greatly appreciated Thank You TEAM CLEVELAND.......OG Member #4
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