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  1. jumpmanfan1

    Air Jordan XIII (BRED) 2012 So these are rumored to release in 2012?? Oh sweet baby Jesus! Uploaded with
  2. jumpmanfan1

    Air Jordan XIII (B/RED)

    Any Leads on these?? Recently saw an appearance of 'em on TSG but havent heard anything since then...
  3. jumpmanfan1

    Foamposites feel like boots..

    Is it me or do you guys get the same "HEAVY" feel when walking around in these.... I just took a step on my wood floor in my house and that -!*@ sounded DEEP as what I love my eggplants but daaaang are these about to be my winter shoes!?
  4. jumpmanfan1

    Huarache 2K4's retro please!

    Is it too soon to retro these?? Esp. this Cw, I would kill to have a chance at these again!! Can't you guys relate!? can't find them on ebay anywhere. NIKE please LISTEN OUT!!
  5. jumpmanfan1

    Nike Zoom Team Mamba (2nd post)

    Re-post for these... first pics came in a bit LARGE so here are some better pics. Just a commemoration for the Lakers' championship success, this shoe represents Kobe as well as his teammates. With the combination of flywire and a zip cover over the eyestay etc., it provides technology from...
  6. jumpmanfan1

    Nike Zoom Team Mamba (go to the '2nd post' link)

    These are in the (2nd post) thread...
  7. jumpmanfan1

    Air Jordan Retro VII Bordeaux..?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there word of these releasing sometime this year or in Spring '11?
  8. jumpmanfan1

    BRED XIII's??

    Has anyone heard any news about these possibly retroing along with all of the other XIII's coming out?? I've been looking but haven't found anything...
  9. jumpmanfan1

    In4mation x Vans Chukka-Low

    Gotta Copp....I think these dropped on the 12th, anybody been peepin these??
  10. jumpmanfan1

    Sneaker Sketches...CoAs

    Just a few of my sketches...I've always wanted to put them on here and I finally have a scanner do I'm just looking for opinions. I do realize the picis kinda bright so please bear w/ tht... I have more sketches and I plan on putting them on here soon, but for now these are my test runs.
  11. jumpmanfan1

    Coloring on sketches

    Yo wut kind of untensils are y'all using to make the sketches look all proffessional? They look like some kind of markers or something. I used to use colored pencils for mines but now I see that I can prolly make them look better "I got 99 pairz and I'm still not done"
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