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  1. sunny559


    Reposting mine, Kicks, Husky, cars, wedding photography whatnot
  2. sunny559

    Official Supreme Thread Vol: Offseasom aka Wallet Vacation

    Making use of my bag at work
  3. sunny559

    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Dont know how to post IG vids but heres a little drone shoot we did while waiting for an accident to get cleared up while at Carls Jr.
  4. sunny559

    LASIK eye surgery 4 eyes edition

    I had it done a few years ago, goofed and chugged hella Redbull so on my second eye the suction cup came off during the incision cuz i was spazzing out and they had to stop the procedure on that eye. Came back a week later and had PRK on that eye (PRK is when they scrape off the top layer...
  5. sunny559

    Bachelor Pad.

    If you're talking about my TV stand yeah bro its Ikea, dont remember the name though. Its HEAVY as hell tho which is the only downside.
  6. sunny559

    Bachelor Pad.

    Thanks bro, its a 55' samsung. Tried to keep it the center of the whole apartment.
  7. sunny559

    Bachelor Pad.

    My ClubHouse, trying to keep up with these NT boys is tough.
  8. sunny559

    Pokemon Go (ios and android) - TEAM ROCKET

    :lol na man worked in Santa Cruz for a week and just used GoRadar to let me know of anything special, took a bit of driving though
  9. sunny559

    Pokemon Go (ios and android) - TEAM ROCKET

    Snorlax's galore out here
  10. sunny559

    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    My X and my boys X before the trip to 51-50 in SoCal
  11. sunny559

    Versace Stunna VoL: JOKES

  12. sunny559

    Post Your Motorcycle

    Since my twins off to med-school becoming a MD or some **** I got his evo and my R1 to switch off between; that awd is crazy even compared to my bike, but hitting 80-90 in first is still better lol.
  13. sunny559

    Instagram? Food, wedding photography, motorcycles, and my husky. follow 4 follow broski's.
  14. sunny559

    Post Your Motorcycle

    Last weeks group ride up towards Yosemite, amazing because literally no traffic.
  15. sunny559

    Dog Owners: How hard is it to train a puppy?

    Really does depend on the breed, I know too many people with bad huskys who tear up everything and dont listen. Crate training is the way to go, along with always being the alpha so they know whos in charge.
  16. sunny559

    Going on vacation by yourself ? Vol. #foreveralone

    Went down to Cabo to to meetup and party with my boys for 3 days, then stayed there for 2 days after everyone left. Those 2 days alone were some of the funnest moments I had. I'd just go out and somehow end up with a random group of people and just have a blast, just dont think too much about it...
  17. sunny559

    Do YOU "hoverhand"? vol. YNeverS

    the caption + the hoverhand
  18. sunny559

    Instagram? #NT follow-backs
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