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  1. acbboyz84

    Need help. My employer is not paying for work that Ive done.

    Ok Awhile back I was doing field test as a contractor for a small out of state company that contracts and hires people to do telework field test for them. Two months have passed and I'm still not being paid for the work that I've done. I've tried contact them and the owner is not responding. Is...
  2. acbboyz84

    2014 Nissan 370z Coupe or 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus?

    I'm going to buy a new car soon and have narrowed it down to these two cars. A 2014 Nissan 370z and a 2015 Dodge Challenger SXT plus. I like the Dodge because it have back seat, comfortable ride and offer more interior rooms but the Nissan have better sport look. Which one should i go for...
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    Entertainment been had. Mod delete please.
  4. acbboyz84

    Best glue for fixing midsole separation

    Hi i wonder what is the best glue or super glue right now to fix midsole separation? My Melo 5.5 front sole is slowly separating from the toe box leather. There are some separation from the sides of the shoes as well. I need a real good glue that will hold up but not some crazy super glue that...
  5. acbboyz84

    Jeremi Evans emasculated Ronny Turiaf

    :x Geez. Turiaf got blocked then dunked on in less than 10 seconds. :rollin lol
  6. acbboyz84


    Hey i just want to warn you guys who sell on Ebay. If you have a ebayer or buyer who ask you to ship to this address. Do not ship. You have been warned. I just got lucky break and didn't ship to this address or else i would have been screwed by now. If you do a google search you'll see dozen of...
  7. acbboyz84

    Questions for Nters who graduated from college with mediocre majors

    Hey i have a few question for those of you who graduated from college with majors such as Sociology, Biology, Art, Communication, Environmental studies, Psychology, Political Science, History, etc. I know there are a tons more of these less difficult majors that i may not list here. Anyway...
  8. acbboyz84

    Does NBA test its players for juicing/doping consistently?

    So Baseball is a non contact weak sport and yet its players are still finding a way to cheat. That's a slap in the face for the sport of baseball lol. What a joke I wonder what is the NBA protocol for testing NBA players for PED and human grown hormones? Lebron, Dwade look like they took...
  9. acbboyz84

    Compton Kobe

  10. acbboyz84

    Things your neighbors doesn't know about you. Post for the LOL

    I'll start 1) One of my white neighbor doesn't know i used to steal his internet 2) My Guatemala next door neighbor doesn't know i want to $%@  his daughter. I peeping Tom on her everytime she walks her dog or washes her car Her booty look when she wear spandex pant. She has a bf though
  11. acbboyz84

    What are the top 5 TV shows of all time ?

    I'm going through Amazon right now trying to buy dvd sets of all the popular shows like the Wire, Lost, CSI, Dexter etc. My question is. What are the top 5 TV shows in your opinions ? Please exclude comedy shows. Action, drama, thriller only
  12. acbboyz84

    3 Thugs beat up man in road rage fight caught on tape

    can't embed Dude should have walk . Smh at the violent in people blood nowadays
  13. acbboyz84

    Dwight Howard nearly tap the top of the backboard

  14. acbboyz84

    Kobe top 5 dunks

    The great #8
  15. acbboyz84

    NBA 2k12 ps3 server down ?

    I can't update NBA today Living roster nor synchronize It has been like this for the last week . Anyone experiencing this problem  ?
  16. acbboyz84

    Dwanye Wade is a dirty @! player

    Who the hell foul hard at an all star game ? Cheap shot imo. He didn't even apologize to Kobe I can't stand this little steroid jaw looking @%@ Last year he almost broke Rondo arm too
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  18. acbboyz84

    Going out with a woman 4 years older. Yes or No ?

    I met this girl. Very pretty. Have her own career. House, car, etc. However she's already 30 and pushing 31(although she look a lot younger) and im only 26. We've been going out for the last two weeks. I have a feeling she want to find that "guy" to settle down with This is my first time dating...
  19. acbboyz84

    Will Lebron and Kobe ever meet in Finals ?

    With all the hype surround an NBA Finals of Lebron vs Mamba but as we know that didn't happen for the last 4 years. Partially due to Lebron and Co failure to deliver in the playoff in 09 and 10 Will we ever get to see a Finals where Kobe is going head to head with Lebron anymore ?  Sadly but I...
  20. acbboyz84

    Black Ops Add on packages

    First Strike Escalation Annihilation Which of these three are the best DLC for Black Ops ?
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