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  1. ezpinoy

    Nike Shox bb4 at

    just a heads up, the nike shox bb4 are available at > i got these shoes a few years back on ebay, but they totally hurt my feet!! i think i got a size too small
  2. ezpinoy


    will there be a Nike zoom BB3???? i really hope so, these shoes were amazing shoes! i hope they put out a third installment? anyone got any news regarding this?
  3. ezpinoy

    AZK2 lite question (for those of you who's worn them)

    im planning on picking up another pair of azk2 (planning to get the azk2 lites on ebay), but i noticed on the azk2 "strength" shoes, that area abovethe toes is hard, and i find it hurts my toes after playing in the shoes for a extended period (which is why ive taken the shoe out of my rotation)...
  4. ezpinoy

    My "Nike Air Zoom Kobe-2" REVIEW

    Nike Air Kobe-2 Review I got chance to pick up the Kobe 2s and Over the past couple of days, I had a few good wearing on the basketball court, so heres my mini review. Comfort & fit: 9/10 for starters, when I first slipped-on the shoes, the shoes felt like a glove on my feet. I have never had...
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