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  1. viiheaven

    Official Air Max 97 Thread

    Anyone know where I could order the France 97s from the Country Camo pack? Would be appreciated.
  2. viiheaven

    NYPD Officer Killed Chasing Suspect in East Harlem

    Just an FYI on the whistleblower thing, few cops are present when something sketchy happens or an incident of excessive force. I can't speak for all departments but in New York, it's a two-man car. Just you and your partner unless it's a situation where lots of cops are present (officer in...
  3. viiheaven

    NYPD Officer Killed Chasing Suspect in East Harlem

    Forbes' lists "Police Officer" as number 10 in Deadliest Jobs in the nation. But on another note, I'd love for you to note other jobs that include possibly getting shot by people as an occupational hazard. And how many of those other deadliest jobs are dangerous because another person may...
  4. viiheaven

    NYPD Officer Killed Chasing Suspect in East Harlem

    :{ Some disgusting comments on here and opinions of the job by people who have never done two seconds of it. Rest in paradise Officer Holder, we'll take it from here.
  5. viiheaven

    2015 NY Knicks offseason thread, Los Almighty appreciation thread

    I'll wear my Eddy Curry jersey. Funny enough Frank, my birthday was last week :hat
  6. viiheaven

  7. viiheaven

    ****OFFICIAL**** Nike LunarTerra Arktos

    Can anyone describe the fit? I wear the Nike Goadome in 8.5 for work and it fits just fine. I was hoping to switch to these. I normally wear a 9 or 9.5 but the 8.5 in Goadomes fit fine. If anyone could PM their experience with this, I'd really appreciate it.
  8. viiheaven

    PYP 2013....hopefully this one doesn't go down in flames

    very few familiar faces here.
  9. viiheaven

    and we're done

    We miss you on Twitter, George
  10. viiheaven

    WTF is this...cops shoot man 13 times

    "13 shots is OD." When you shoot, you're not counting your shot. Until the threat is eliminated, you don't stop shooting. So basically until he stopped reaching and put his arms up, they were going to keep shooting. 16 in a magazine, I'm more surprised he didn't empty it.
  11. viiheaven

    and we're done

    Anyone interested In Lakers/Knicks tix for 12/13. $240/each OBO, section 220. Two tix. PM me
  12. viiheaven

    and we're done

  13. viiheaven

    and we're done

    Hai guys, long time since I've posted in here. Hope all the OG heads are good. Welcome new regulars. In any case, I'm selling a pair of tickets for this upcoming Knicks/Lakers game on 12/13/12 if anyone is interested. It's two (2) tickets in section 220, both for $500 ($250/each). The price is...
  14. viiheaven

    The Simpsons Tapped Out....!!!!

    add me: wunmic
  15. viiheaven


    Will Macy's be having any percentage off of it's regularly priced clothing?
  16. viiheaven

    Post Your Twitter vol. New Site, New Thread

  17. viiheaven

    H.S. kid goes rally car happy wit his friends in his new impreza, loses control, all die sans driver

    A lot of people crash (and die) on the Southern State Parkway. Everyone knows this. Especially West Indian people from Richmond Hill/Ozone Park, which has a strong race/car culture in the area. I know of at least 4 people, friend's of friends who have died on the Southern State because they want...
  18. viiheaven

    Why do people like restaurants?

    Best reply yet. +1 for witty reply, +2 for using a secondary language relevantly. -.5 though for using a hashtag somewhere that isn't Twitter. Solid 2.5 reply.
  19. viiheaven

    let this thread die (NYK)

    Dope jerseys everybody. My Ewing and LJ came the other day. Hype.
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