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  1. solnevins

    Any NT Entrepreneurs ?

    I am absolutely sick and tired of being an underpaid corporate workhorse and I have been seriously considering starting my own business. (no...not a sneaker boutique) Ideally I would like to hear about past experiences and start somewhat of a micro think thank in regards to being self-employed...
  2. solnevins

    Quitting before You Get Fired?

    Pros and Cons?
  3. solnevins


    im gettin tired of these dudes thinking just because they heard of an artist that most ppl havent that makes them somewhat a "greater" fan or moreknowledgeable on hip hop than the next man. i know gucci mane isnt a lyrical genius but damnit he is more entertaining than immortal technique or MF...
  4. solnevins

    Where can I buy AAA White tees in Chicago?

    ^^^ Much appreciated!
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