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  1. souljah1531

    SouLJaH1531's collection..UPDATED!!!

    What crackin' NT. Here's my 6 month collection. Been away from the shoe game last year and for some reason i got drawn back to the dark side again.enjoy. AZG Jordans beaters my latest pick-up......
  2. souljah1531

    South Dakota check in !!!!

    SoDak Nt'ers where you at?
  3. souljah1531

    Jordan VIII White/Orange Blaze-Silver-Stealth PICS!!!

    What do you guys think? Looks awesome in person....!
  4. souljah1531


    What do you guys think. They look good in person. [img noborder][/img] I'd post mine but I don't know how to do it.
  5. souljah1531

    Des Moine IA

    any good place to get jays? 8)
  6. souljah1531

    South Dakota Nt'ers check in.

    Any NT'ers here in SD? I'm station here in Hellsworth AFB...i mean Elssworth AFB in Rapid City. Looking for NT'ers to network with.
  7. souljah1531

    Fire Red III and Flips is SD ???

    anyone from south dakota knows where i can cop these? :|
  8. souljah1531

    South Dakota Shoeheads

    Any1 from South Dakota? if you are, any info to get J's and retro nike?
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