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  1. solnevins

    The Official Military Thread. Vol 1

    honestly id love to get into the I.T field, would i have to joint OCS or enlist?
  2. solnevins

    The Official Military Thread. Vol 1

    i have a B.S..and id like to join the navy..whats the process? help
  3. solnevins

    Comedy Central StandUp Lulz Delivered vol. Hannibal Buress

    The Hannibal Buress documentary leading up to his special, pretty good. part 1
  4. solnevins

    Lolo Jones a what? Vol Lets get Married

    wouldnt mind taking her to the redzone
  5. solnevins

    2013 Ford Shelby GT500 - 662hp/631 lb-ft tq = $55k

    aesthetically it does nothing for me...amazing specs though...and yes id rather have an M3..
  6. solnevins

    Any of you ever lived with a female room mate?

    bad idea. women are....women. better off living with a broski
  7. solnevins

    The Official 2012 NBA Casual Wear Thread - We're Back, Word To Magic!

    the color of that suit is super ill... the cut is horrendous however...and the shirt..and the tie
  8. solnevins

    *USA Basketball* WOMEN EARN GOLD v. ESP (101-72)! MEN EARN GOLD v. SRB (96-66)!

    that groin injury looked bad ...he definitely was no where near 100% hed be an idiot to rush it
  9. solnevins

    *USA Basketball* WOMEN EARN GOLD v. ESP (101-72)! MEN EARN GOLD v. SRB (96-66)!

    so who replaces CP3 and D Rose this summer? no way they are playing with those injuries
  10. solnevins

    Who got the best post moves in the league?

    you gotta be kidding...he does not have good footwork...if he did he wouldnt have to do 360 jump hooks and erratic drop steps
  11. solnevins

    Who got the best post moves in the league?

    Carlos Boozer.
  12. solnevins

    Official Girl problems thread vol. if you having girl problems I feel bad for u son

    you dont have a mustache...thats the source of your problems
  13. solnevins

    Any NT Entrepreneurs ?

    Im not too sure about about starting a business just to sell it, while thats an extremely intelligent idea and can be very profitable ala the mark cubans of the world...i truly would like to start something im passionate about which i doubt id be willing to sell. Thanks for the input guys...
  14. solnevins

    In Chicago. The fire rises. ANTI NATO PROTEST! Protesters allegedly throws barricades. Live stream, quite frankly i dont believe these tree huggers have any solidarity on any issues. i feel as if they just THERE.
  15. solnevins

    Any NT Entrepreneurs ?

  16. solnevins

    NT, school me on watches, budget less than $300

    TV Johnny has some really nice custom watches within your budget.
  17. solnevins

    Any NT Entrepreneurs ?

    I am absolutely sick and tired of being an underpaid corporate workhorse and I have been seriously considering starting my own business. (no...not a sneaker boutique) Ideally I would like to hear about past experiences and start somewhat of a micro think thank in regards to being self-employed...
  18. solnevins

    Remember Hot Bollywood Star Aishwarya Rai?

    she hung herself i believe, shame...her teasing videos were top notch i was hoping shed make the full fledged jump into the pron world but nope
  19. solnevins

    Remember Hot Bollywood Star Aishwarya Rai?

    while we talk about about Priya....Angela Devi >>>>>>>>>>>>>.....RIP
  20. solnevins

    Who Here Has A "Good" Job With No College Degree VOL. 40K+

    surely you can show us proof that youve been hired at these jobs over the phone correct?
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