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  1. airasianjordan


    added everyone past two pages. ill follow back asap.. @airinpen
  2. airasianjordan


    @airinpen ill follow back asap! #NT
  3. airasianjordan


    I missed out in this thread. Its good stuff in here. Lots of
  4. airasianjordan

    Niketalkers From 2003/2004 - Still Here?

    Been here since 04 but my yuku says 05 and lurked for a year or two
  5. airasianjordan

    Like Watermelon?

    i didnt even know that was possible
  6. airasianjordan

    Computer folks...recommend me a cheap small lap top please.

    This saturday walmart is having some deals. there will be a laptop in there. but if you can wait, i suggest you camp out for black friday
  7. airasianjordan

    my developing fat guy symptoms.........

    OP how tall are you?
  8. airasianjordan

    Anybody ever just eat the cookie dough?

    sometimes... even thought it aint good for you, i still do it
  9. airasianjordan

    YO, look at what i found in my McDonalds Nuggets

    Dang you OP, you are making me hungry now
  10. airasianjordan

    Facebook Date

    1:11 - 1:13 2:26 - 2:30 3:56 - 3:58 those are the main gifs.. there are more though
  11. airasianjordan

    Motivational quotes to keep you going.

    ballislife32688 stop wasting posts and just put all your quotes in one post. you do this in all of the threads you participate in... it gets annoying seeing your back all thetime
  12. airasianjordan

    Got offered to be a web cam dude? $2,000 wwyd

    I wouldnt but i know Meagevli (SP?) would
  13. airasianjordan

    ...NT School Me On Nokia's Vol. N900...

    i always wondered what tethering was... what is it? is it when you use your phone for internet on your comp?
  14. airasianjordan

    Post screenshots from random videos Vol. work-safe

    PM links por favor!
  15. airasianjordan


    Are you trying to make us caption you?
  16. airasianjordan

    The 12 Hottest Geek Girls........

    Natali Del Conte i cant believe yall havent mentioned her yet. NT is slippin
  17. airasianjordan

    Toys R US Buy 2 get 1 Free Video Games...10/11-10/17

    does anyone know any place that will give cash? or only store credit?
  18. airasianjordan

    now THIS is drunkeness

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