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  1. lebrady23

    Lebrady23's growing collection

    hey nt, I lurk on here way more than i post haha but thought I would share what I have. Not really any crazy heat in here but im only 15 and have gotten all ofthese in the span of about 3 years. I pay for the majority of the shoes i get and plan to keep it going. i would be happy to hear...
  2. lebrady23

    Lebron 2004 All-Star jersey?

    Hey nt, I was looking through my closet the other day and I found this jersey that I forgot I had. Its an 2004 Lebron James all star jersey that I got at afactory store a couple years ago, I think the summer of 2004 I cant remember. When I got it i was younger so I didnt realize it but 2004 was...
  3. lebrady23

    top 5 in chicago

    i know theres the sticky bout places but what are the top 5 places for kicks and new era in chicago and i know theres the nike town but is that a must hit
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