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  1. dunks318ti

    WTB: Mitchell and Ness Authentic Shorts size Small (36) or Reebok authentic NBA shorts size 32

    I’m in the market for size small (36) Mitchell and Ness NBA shorts, authentic only, no swingmans. Maybe some Reebok authentic nba shorts too in a size 32. Preferably worn/used. PM me or post here. Thanks!!!
  2. dunks318ti

    Grimey move...would you leave NEGATIVE feedback??? Or over reacting???

    I guess its really hard times... Cliffs:  Bought some shoes on ebay.  Needed it by the weekend.  Seller is an NT'er.  Shoes are advertised as "Expedited Shipping" USPS Priority. Paid on Monday afternoon (expects to be shipped Tues).  No seller communication.  Whatever.  Wednesday hits me...
  3. dunks318ti

    what would you do? blatant money disrespecting

    NT, I need your advice. My homie owed me money. $300 to be exact. He has been shaking/ducking me for over a year. He contacts me asking a favor during XMAS 2011 saying he desperately needs a loan (on top of him already owing me $300). I said Hell Nah, but he said he'll give me good faith...
  4. dunks318ti

    Need legal advice: got hurt at an unpaid work related event: Torn ACL and meniscus ***complicated

    what's up NT, I need your help as I'm in a predicament and I don't know what to. Once a year our work department (Dept. of Public Social Services) holds a charitable giving event which is basically like a bbq/picnic/sports event. Technically, I wasn't work.  I didn't get paid for it.  BUT it...
  5. dunks318ti

    Does anybody remember this show called "WMAC Masters?"

    For some reason this old school show popped up in my head... Show was super fake/corny, but watched because Liu Kang's actor from Mortal Kombat, Ho Sung Pak was in it. Also Bruce Lee's daughter hosted the show...corny memories FTW!!!
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