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  1. airasianjordan

    What wireless router are you using? Vol. Which one should i get?

    I want to know what you guys are using because im looking for a new one for myuncle's 2 story house. I need to know what the best for a 2 story house. Is it better to just get the G technology one because all of the laptops we are using are G? or will it be better to get an N router? -Most of...
  2. airasianjordan

    If Michael Jackson was still alive...

    Today would be his birthday. Happy birthday Mike and Rest In Peace
  3. airasianjordan

    How do i fix Firefox from not "Not Responding"?

    Firefox has been acting up... so i DLed Google chrome and it works like a charm . is there a way i can fix that "not responding" problem?
  4. airasianjordan

    Its my first time traveling alone. Any Tips?

    So tomorrow i am flying all myself. I have a stopover at ATL. I dont know what to expect. Anybody got any tips? Yeah the cal will be on me ... just kidding
  5. airasianjordan

    Is it bad for the laptop to be charged all day everyday?

    Just got a laptop and i was wondering if you leave the laptop on charged ALL THE TIME, will it be bad for the battery?
  6. airasianjordan

    ***HELP*** Need to know which laptop is better. ***HELP***

    Hey NT, i need to get a laptop for college (the laptop im using right now is my cousins) and i was wondering which laptop is better for the price If you know of any other computer that is better (pricewise) than these, please tell me...
  7. airasianjordan

    Just got a twitter Vol. Follow me

    Fill me in with all the goods and bad on this site. The do's and dont's, all that good stuff Follow me and ill follow you (if thats how it works)
  8. airasianjordan

    Introducing the new IPhone 3g S there is more. im just to lazy to put up all the pictures
  9. airasianjordan

    AVY REQUEST!!! need a new one.

    i havent had a real avy in a long time. 1:56 - 2:02 or 03 border flashing baby blue (magic blue) abd the celtics green. Tag: AAJ Effects: do whatever you want. thanks in advance
  10. airasianjordan

    Buying a car from the Internet. HELP PLZ!!!

    okay so im getting a car. i look on vehix. and pick my car. i email her and she said this:
  11. airasianjordan

    What are you doing up so late Vol. nothing to do

    been looking for new things to do on the internet. FB and MyS is getting worse as days go by. any suggestions?.... and no "whip it out"
  12. airasianjordan

    Anybody went to McDonalds today?

    29 cent hamburgers 10 of them for 3.08 with tax (some for me, some for the fam) yummy to my my tummy
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