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  1. domnator27

    returning some shoes from to Finishline

    Whats good NT fam?! haven't posted in a while but hopefully you can help with this: IF i buy some shoes from, can i get exchange those shoes at Finishline store (in person) for different shoes? (forget the price difference)  without receipt of course. like just for a straight...
  2. domnator27

    Leroy Smith= Charlie Murphy

    sorry if im late with this one but who cares i found this vid and website so i just had to share the hilarious website
  3. domnator27

    Red Bull cars/them girls in those cars appreciation

    Il be the first to say that Redbull isnt the greatest tasting drink out there, but some of these girls that be reppn Redbull are pretty anybody else see these girls/ cars around? i know my NT brotherend are gonna want pics so here ya go...
  4. domnator27

    where my goons at

  5. domnator27

    Yo NT: i just got a speeding ticket....

    i was going 15 mph over the speed limit on the freeway... the cop told me i was going 80 on a 65 (it happened on 280) @ myself for getting caught.... how much u guys think its gonna be??
  6. domnator27


    so I'm chillin here on NT when my dad comes in and goes.... "hey Dom guess what i found at Orchard Supply this afternoon? i found some marijuana" i give the ole' boy a and then immediately ask him forproof... so we go out to his car and BAM i see it with my own two eyes... i tell him to light...
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