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  1. soleoneyez

    Youtube Videos:

    Anybody else getting annoyed with these youtube videos at the top of the threads?  Commercials I understand, but there was actually a music video playing on top of one thread I entered. I couldn't even pause or mute it.  Is anyone else noticing these?
  2. soleoneyez

    98' NBA All-Star Game

    If not the best one I have seen, definitely the most memorable. I'll never forget the Kobe oop from KG (1:07). Peep Mike work him on the baseline with the back to back fade aways(1:50)
  3. soleoneyez

    Cement Spizikes are in(Pics)

    Cracked the case on these babies and almost passed out. HEAT! Three of my babies.....well 2 and one of my future. My other two are at home on ice lol.
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