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  1. foshizzle

    Pics not working.

    Brand new, haven't even taken them out of the box yet. From Eastbay and Foot Locker. Have the OG receipts/invoices.  If you are interested in buying, make an offer. They costed $188 each after tax and shipping. I have 100% feedback on ebay. For trades I'm mostly interested in size 13 or 14...
  2. foshizzle

    Seattle Basketball Gear...

    If you like Seattle hoops, check it out! Much rather buy stuff like this then have my money go to the greedy !*+ NBA or NCAA.
  3. foshizzle

    Seattle Basketball Blog...

    Just wanted to share a blog for 206 hoops fans that I help with, got some good stuff on there...
  4. foshizzle

    Laker Fans: New T-Shirts 4 Sale (fundraiser)...

    We are selling these shirts as a fundraiser for low-income HS bball players. $18 shipped. You can buy online or paypal me if you prefer. If anyone likes theshirt, we would def appreciate your support!
  5. foshizzle

    I know its been asked before but: Kobe vs. Lebron

    Need to settle a long argument with my roomate: With all else (supporting cast) being equal who would you take on your team for this season? Kobe or Lebron?
  6. foshizzle

    What are the best looking uniforms in the NBA? College?

    Looking to possibly copy a uniform for my squad this year (travel team). Wondering if there are a couple majority favorites for the NBA and college uni's.Could also be an old uniform if you have a favorite, I just need some ideas. No homer votes please. Thanks for the help.
  7. foshizzle

    A Shirt For Sonics Fans...

    Something I made to express my hate for the Thunder...
  8. foshizzle

    Official Oklahoma City Thunder Haters Post...

    I had to do it, it's like I'm a reverse fan, I follow the Blunder closely hoping to see them lose. 9-35 record Lost last night to the D-League Clippers. A family friend ran the Obama election campaign for the state of Washington, and told me that Obama said "it's a shame that the Sonics were...
  9. foshizzle

    Tyler Hansborough in NBA: David Lee or Mark Madsen?

    Had an argument with my roomate, he claims Tyler Hansborough will be a Mark Madsen in the league, I think he will be almost exactly like David Lee. If you had to pick one who do you think he will be like (and not just in his rookie year)? Also throw in any other comparisons you have.
  10. foshizzle

    IMO NBA Players decline more due to laziness than age...

    Obviously age plays a factor, but I think laziness might be more of a factor. For example Shaq is completely lazy and gets fatter every year, and never improves his skills (shooting). If he actually worked hard and stayed in good shape,I think he would still be able to dominate, despite getting...
  11. foshizzle

    OKC Thunder Struggling Appreciation Post...

    Here's how the stolen franchise is working out so far: 1-10 record WNBA name Rec-league uniforms Thief, dirt-bag owner I love watching this franchise struggle.
  12. foshizzle

    Top 5 weed smokers in the NBA??

    The first 3 that come to mind are Rasheed, Josh Howard, and Lamar Odom....Who are your top 5??
  13. foshizzle

    Whats the Real Deal with Stephon Marbury???

    Why is dude so hated on? Is his attitude that bad? He must have at least decent game still. So he doesn't play soley because of his attitude? Damn,there are some terrible attitudes in the league, his must be extreme. He should just go to Europe and get paid, get PT, no one wants him here.
  14. foshizzle

    Obama Ballin' T-Shirt I designed +NT discount p.4

    I designed this Obama t-shirt for a friend's company and thought it came out pretty sick considering I'm no pro and I've never designed a t-shirtbefore. Just wanted people to see it (ok fine, I wanted to show off) and maybe get some feedback....
  15. foshizzle

    Help! Looking for Any Jordan/sneaker sayings or rap lyrics...

    My friend is letting me design a t-shirt for his new line, and I need creative suggestions for a short saying you'd want to see on a t-shirt to go withJordans or other hot kicks? If I use anyone's idea (or something similar) I'll send you a free shirt.
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