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  1. liqi2345

    Painted my LeBron 17s

    As a Bron fan since 03, I always loved how the first colorway of his shoes were black/red/crimson/white and the IIs are my favorite. I'm getting tired of the oreo thing and fly/battleknit basketball shoes altogether. The infrareds are the only non-PE colorway I like from the 17s so far but the...
  2. liqi2345

    WANTED: KOBE 9 low Multicolored iD SZ11 - speckles/grey swoosh/sole

    I'm looking to buy a pair of black-based muticolored Kobe 9s in a SIZE 11 I ordered them but had to return them Preferably want speckles on the midsole (any color) grey sole and grey swoosh, with the back heel tab being black I'm willing to pay 300-400 range (including shipping). I've got...
  3. liqi2345

    My small collection

    My humble collection. I believe in quality over quantity, and I wear all of my shoes, balled/worked out in most of them. By row, from left to right First row: Wheat Sperry wingtips, brown Aldo shoes, black Aldo shoes Second row: Nike flyknit racer, Air Jordan retro 3 (CDP version), Air Jordan...
  4. liqi2345

    WANTED: Air Zoom LeBron II Black/red/white 11 or 11.5

    Hey, I'm looking for a pair of the Air Zoom LeBron IIs in the first general release black red and white. I had a 10.5 but I grew out of it, gave it to my cousin and he lost it, all i have is the box and the IIs are my favorite Brons Being honest here, I'm on a budget so the most I can pay is...
  5. liqi2345

    Some random mashups I did with audacity, positive & negative criticism welcome

    Don't sing or rap, not a producer, just love music and got tired of having mad versions of a song with the same beat, so I tried putting some together  Some suck but Motivation is my favorite one, tell me what you think Drake, Wayne, Tianna Taylor, Jojo, Chris Brown and co. Marvin’s Apartment...
  6. liqi2345

    iPod/iTunes help Vol. Songs skipping

    Anybody else's songs from like a couple years before are skipping? Like I was just trying to play D12 World on my ipod, and just about every song played for 10 seconds and skipped on to the next one, but it plays fine in my iTunes, what's going on? ?
  7. liqi2345

    Collection Post/Suggestions on what to bring to my dorm

    Got a small collection, but can't bring em all to school...I'm aiming at bringing 4-5 pairs to school, gonna be lots of snow so the foams are a given but what else?
  8. liqi2345


  9. liqi2345

    Jalen Rose's Twitter? Did he forget he works for ESPN? lol @jalenrose RT @Jobstown12345: @jalenrose DETROIT STAND UP 20 minutes ago @jalenrose RT @Aftashok: man, @jalenrose letting that Detroit come out of him again....much thx...I will chill homie....respect about an hour ago @jalenrose RT @chole_dior: @jalenrose 313...
  10. liqi2345

    Nike Air Max 1 White Medium Grey Total Orange

    These are nice, but I didn't see any other thread on these. Anybody know when they release?  Orange reminds me of the Yeezys
  11. liqi2345

    I'm liking this Johnny Polygon guy

    That HBO mixtape was the first time I've heard of him, that song and the Psychic City joint really stood out to me but his mixtape is dope, where did this dude come from?
  12. liqi2345

    ****iPod help Please Vol. "invalid header" COPYTRANS****

    Anybody else on NT use I got it because I've lost all my songs before, and Iwanted a sure way to make sure I would be able to copy all the songs already on my iPod back to any computer in case my laptop crashed, deleted by accident ec. I've never had problems with it...
  13. liqi2345

    No Authority - I Like It Appreciation

    Ooh and I like it You send chills up my spine everytime I take one look at you Ooh and I like it Girl, you're blowin my mind with the things you say to me I like the way you comb your hair I like those stylish clothes you wear It's just the little things you do That show how much you really...
  14. liqi2345

    Maxwell-The Lady in My Life from the Grammy Nods, anyone has the MP3 yet?
  15. liqi2345

    John Legend Feat. Andre 3000 - Greenlight (Sandy Rivera's KOT Remix) Is this on a CD anywhere? I couldn't "find" it anywhere else ...anybody?
  16. liqi2345


    Appreciation for both versions
  17. liqi2345

    Me and my boy had a youtube music battle on my page, tell me who won

    I guess its who posted the better body of work
  18. liqi2345

    Was NT down for anyone else?

  19. liqi2345

    Yo NT, I'm 20!

    19 didn't was pretty wack but now that I'm 20 what do I have tolook forward to? I feel like I'm getting older than I look
  20. liqi2345

    Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski

    Anybody know when these are going to release?
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