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  1. modernart

    Academy of Commons by Mister (Opening Reception June 2nd)

    San Francisco-based brand Mister ( will be opening their retail space Academy of Commons next month on June 2nd. For those of you who may not be familiar with Mister, the founder of the brand, Tom, was one of the co-founders of the retail store Invisible Stripes, also known as...
  2. modernart

    Lebron 8 Pre-Heat in the Bay Area?

    Anyone know which stores will be getting these this Friday?
  3. modernart

    Recommend Me a Club in SF

    Going to the city this 3-day weekend. Any good clubs?
  4. modernart

    Win a $50 GC to

    It's worth a shot. Put that Twitter to use haha 1. FOLLOW Follow DressLikeKanye on Twitter ( Follow Karmaloop on Twitter ( 2. TWEET Win a @karmaloop GC...
  5. modernart


    who is getting it?
  6. modernart

    What Happened to Connoisseur in SJ?

    The store in SJ. the hell happened to it?
  7. modernart

    Suggestions for a New Car (18k to spend)

    Alright, so my last car (07 civic) got completely totaled in an accident that was not my fault (it got hit while it was parked) and the insurance has given usabout 18k, so what should I purchase? And 18k has to be the max, including tax and all those other misc. fees. I'm not really looking for...
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