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  1. straight lux


    What's up everyone? I need some help choosing a shoe that suits my needs. I'm 6'0", about 230lbs. The last few years, I've played in various styles of shoes but more recently in Foams. I have not yet to try out the new technology Nike has produced. Mainly because like many of you, I own several...
  2. straight lux

    Krump name dropped now called Street Dancing

  3. straight lux

    No longer called KRUMP. Now called STREET DANCING

    Nothing to see, here
  4. straight lux

    Dance Studios

    What's up NT? Can anyone recommend a Dance Studio (Hip Hop) near the areas of West Covina/Chino Hills/Fullerton? Thanks
  5. straight lux

    request for prayers

    What's up everyone? My family is in need of prayers at this time. My Father, Hilario, is very sick in the hospital here in Los Angeles.  Three years ago, he had triple bypass surgery. Fast forward three years and we're here again. Only this time, the situation is far more life threatening. He...
  6. straight lux

    I know I'm not crazy but...

    Sometimes when I fall asleep on my backside. I'm awakened by a strong "force" on top of me. It's weird because I literally CANNOT move a muscle when this happens. If I try to say something like "Help!" or just something out of panic, no words come out of my mouth. Most of all, whenever I try to...
  7. straight lux

    LC AJ3 Fire Red thanks

    What's up NT? I recently won these on eBay almost two weeks ago. I have never owned a pair of fired red 3s nor have I really taken a good look at themwhile seeing them in a shoe store. Although I did own the black/cement retro 3s and I know those are different in quality as far as the newer...
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