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  1. street credible

    Womans Aqua 8's

    Are these available in Toronto I went to yorkdale Champs and they werent there, I know Champs usually carrys the woman kicks, im almost positive footlocker dont have them do y'all know if LS, Stolen riches, goodfoot or da zone has them in stock?
  2. street credible

    How Can I Get Cheap Cable?

    Rogers is asking 50 a month for basic cable and that dont even come with BET and FoodNetwork and @#%$ like that where can i get some cheap cable, i just want channels 2-66, i dont need to fancy digital box or anything is this still posible in toronto... is there cable on the black market, im...
  3. street credible

    Any Good Shopping Places In Buffalo?

    Seeing that our dollar is look extra nice right now, im going to rent a car and reach Buffalo but i have no clue where to go, im basically just looking for sneakers and maybe a northface jacket... yall know any good places
  4. street credible

    ==I'm Trying To Restore My Cement 3's==

    Can somebody tell me where in Toronto can i get paint for the Midsoles... I went to that art store on Yonge (between college and wellesley), as soon as i walked in i was overwhelmed there was so much paint I didnt know which one would work on my rubber midsoles Someone tell me where to go or...
  5. street credible

    Fradulant Black & Gold Jordan I's?

    For the past year every other day I see somebody rocking a pair of Black/gold patent 1's, I refuse to believe that all of a sudden everybody is un-ds'ing there pair. I mean this shoe dropped years ago now all of a sudden everybody and they momma got a fresh pair, i dont believe but i never seen...
  6. street credible

    Adrift & SVP?

    What are where are those stores, I seen them mentioned in the livestock thread.. but i thought i knew every kicks store in toronto.... where are these two located?
  7. street credible

    Nike Blazers For Women

    I was wondering if anybody knew of stores in Toronto that sell Nike Blazers for women. I've noticed there a few different kinds of Nike Blazers and the ones I'm looking for are the ones with the bigger platform (as seen in the picture)... Thanks in advance.
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