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  1. 3miyasaki3

    Nike Heritage Destroyer Varsity Jacket Black Wool/Leather Sz Medium

    Brand New With tags. Message me with any questions! Price includes shipping Contact: Location: Idaho Payment type: Paypal, Venmo No refunds.
  2. 3miyasaki3

    Mormon missionaries hoopin!

    Thought this was pretty funny! When I served my mission I did the exact same thing daily but had mixed results haha. I know someone will say something about the title saying "hood". This is a video from my mission doing the same exact thing. Good times!
  3. 3miyasaki3

    ACL Knee Surgery

    In the hospital fresh out of surgery. Drugged up haha! Has anyone tore their acl before? I blew out my acl and tore my meniscus. It sucks but i feel goooood right now on this morphine. Any suggestions/stories. Love y'all
  4. 3miyasaki3

    Mom appreciation

    My NT fam, It's crazy to think its been 4 years since I lost my mom. There is never a day that goes by I don't think about her. I've never met anyone who loved others as much as her. It's crazy how death can happen at any minute. I'm grateful for everything my mom taught me! Tell your mom you...
  5. 3miyasaki3

    Price Check: DS KD 2 Supreme Scoring Titles Size 13

    Hey I have a ds pair of KD2 scoring titles that I have no clue what a good price would be for them. They were a gift from Kevin Durant's agent and say promo sample on the tag. Thanks
  6. 3miyasaki3

    2012 Air Jordan 4 Fire Red 11.5 DS

    Brand new DS. Will ship double boxed. Any questions PM me.
  7. 3miyasaki3

    Thank you NT Vol. I'm out for 2 years

    Just wanna thank everybody for the lulz, PS, roastings, twitter, and summers. I'm out to serve a mission in Atlanta for the next two years and I'm a little distraught i'll miss out on all the goodness through then. Ya'll stay classy.
  8. 3miyasaki3

    PC Jordan 2 1994 Retro

    Price check any range. Size 13.5
  9. 3miyasaki3

    Jordan 2 1994 Retro/Thrift Store Pickups

    So I went to my local thrift store and saw these. Decided to scoop them up. Size 13.5 no where near my size but whatever. Post your thrift store pick ups. $8
  10. 3miyasaki3

    Jordan 2 OG????-Thrift Store Appreciation

    Just bought these from the local thrift store their not in bad condition. They worth anything. Good pickup i think lol. Anyone else score from their thrift stores?
  11. 3miyasaki3

    Adidas basketball is a brotherhood quotes??

    I've been searching all over google and i can't find the quotes. I found the youtube video with every team needs a hero...etc. but does anyone have thelong quotes with like 8 different sayings?
  12. 3miyasaki3

    Wisdom teeth removal vol. what to eat?

    Just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out. Not hurting to bad but still the worst part is the lack of food. I've had soup and mashed potatoes and gravy. Anyoneknow anything good that won't tear my stitches?
  13. 3miyasaki3

    ESPN OTL-Carry On

    Wow...this got me close.
  14. 3miyasaki3

    Karmaloop Rep Code.

    Sig check-Use it on any purchase. MIYA
  15. 3miyasaki3

    Skullcandy NBA Player Series Headphones

    Some of these are to me. NBA Player Series-Skullcandy Detailed side view pictures We need some DJ Mbenga ones made asap
  16. 3miyasaki3

    Unreadable disc error vol. fml

    Any one else when they get through a couple of plays on madden 10 get unreadable disc error? I get it every game and the disc is brand new. Any help for this? Thanks.
  17. 3miyasaki3

    Utah and Idaho people...anyone?

    I know there are some on here everyone post in here...we should play some ball on some weekend or catch a game i come up to utah all the time. Post in here andwe'll work something out...
  18. 3miyasaki3

    Highlight Films vol. NT?

    Does anyone on NT have a highlight film from them in high school in any sport? I'm uploading one now nothing spectacular but it'd be coo if othersposted up there own. I'll post when youtube processing lol
  19. 3miyasaki3

    Hitting a certain post count appreciation vol. 1000

    I know that a lot of people take post count as serious business on the internet but does it not feel sorta coo to see that you have hit a certain number. Ihave been on NT since late 05 on this account and i marvel at how some people put up high post counts in that low of time. But anyways...
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