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  1. migit1209

    Thank You Niketalk

    Been on since Yuku/Ezboard :hat
  2. migit1209


    What exactly is your point?
  3. migit1209

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    I'm just trying to buy some Ripple and I'm still waiting to get approved through GateHub. Anyone having trouble?
  4. migit1209

    Official Bitcoin Thread

    About to get on that Ripple
  5. migit1209

    The Official Netflix Thread Tho: Recommend Streaming Movies

    Troll Hunters is DOPE lol
  6. migit1209

    PARTYNEXTDOOR ~ OMO Thread Official

    TYus rode PND HARD
  7. migit1209

    Yo, is this Neek? - Vol. He done did it.

    Good for him :smokin
  8. migit1209

    which levis do you guys rock with sneakers?

    510's, all the way baby
  9. migit1209

    Motivational quotes to keep you going.

    If you have a facebook, please follow my Mentor in business. This man is incredible; if you want to know more, PM me
  10. migit1209

    Instagram? I follow my NT brothers back
  11. migit1209

    Child Support Makes No Sense!

    Just testing waters
  12. migit1209

    Instagram? I follow NT back :hat
  13. migit1209

    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    It's mostly a project, lol. Drift car :p Garrett GT2860RS disco potato with HKS actuator Tomei 3" throttle body Tomei cams Tomei Valve Springs Tomei Piston Rings Tomei 550cc Injectors Tomei extended oilpan Tomei Oil Cap Tomei Exhaust Manifold Oilfilter sandwich plate for oilcooler Trust oil...
  14. migit1209

    \\ Post Your Car vol. Been a minute //

    Super sleeper! Excuse the semi messy engine bay pic.
  15. migit1209

    Instagram? I follow #NT back. Hurry before I blow up in the drifting scene :p
  16. migit1209

    So.... Rihanna and Shakira made a music video

    Yes please
  17. migit1209

    Writing Niketalk's Constitution and founding our own online government.

    This aint no democracy. This be monarchy
  18. migit1209


    Just going to leave this here. WARNING, PROCEED AT OWN RISK
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