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  1. street credible

    Spooky News: I'm in the Metro today...sorta.

    Just wait till ur admirer see's the article.... she's gon have to be put on suicide watch
  2. street credible

    OFFICIAL SMH @ NBA games tonight only being on Rapstv

    Im amped.... cause Rogers has the freee preview of Raps Tv right now I wannna see Houstons rookie PF play, they got him in the starting lineup and everything
  3. street credible

    TORONTO HATS--show me what you got

    not a looker in the bunch
  4. street credible

    FootLocker F&F - Sept. 27-30, 2007

    i think it depends on the store... i printed my coupon off of niketalk and went to eaton centre footlocker, they didnt even ask for the coupon, i just asked them if i get 30% off and she said "yea": i guees it depends on the employee
  5. street credible

    Womans Aqua 8's

    Are these available in Toronto I went to yorkdale Champs and they werent there, I know Champs usually carrys the woman kicks, im almost positive footlocker dont have them do y'all know if LS, Stolen riches, goodfoot or da zone has them in stock?
  6. street credible

    best way to go to vaughan mills mall w/transit

    just go to yorkdale mall and there is a bus there that brings you right to vaugn mills... u gotta catch the bus right outside the mall tho, just as soon as you exit yorkdale station the bus is like across the street
  7. street credible

    How Can I Get Cheap Cable?

    when we moved in the was already cable, so i was good..... then we ordered internet, and dude told me they gonna have tp block our internet until we order it..... so we had internet but no cable, then we canceled the internet, so im wondering what he did when he said he blocked our cable?
  8. street credible

    How Can I Get Cheap Cable?

    yea if i lived in a house i heard its easy to steal off of ur neighbors cable but i live in an apartment.... Woolner ave :(
  9. street credible

    How Can I Get Cheap Cable?

    Rogers is asking 50 a month for basic cable and that dont even come with BET and FoodNetwork and @#%$ like that where can i get some cheap cable, i just want channels 2-66, i dont need to fancy digital box or anything is this still posible in toronto... is there cable on the black market, im...
  10. street credible

    Any Good Shopping Places In Buffalo?

    lol... thanks
  11. street credible

    Any Good Shopping Places In Buffalo?

    Seeing that our dollar is look extra nice right now, im going to rent a car and reach Buffalo but i have no clue where to go, im basically just looking for sneakers and maybe a northface jacket... yall know any good places
  12. street credible

    good barbershops in TO

    across the street from bathurst st.... actually when you come out the station, cross the street and walk north for bout 50 seconds.... best Barbers in Toronto here are some of the celebritys i seen there while getting my hair cut Joey Graham Lennox Lewis Shawn Desmond TJ Ford Alot of blue...
  13. street credible

    its a wrap for the CN Tower

    Meh I need another Link... everything in the article is "...said.." "..said.." I'd say the same things if i was building it to... so it aint official yet
  14. street credible

    Need help with indoor courts in North York, ON

    just make the trip downtown.... come the the YMCA at Yonge and Grovesner 1 on 1... im waiting
  15. street credible


    awwwww ur tryna meet some friends on the internet... good for you
  16. street credible

    Foot Locker Family & Friends Event

    so im just gonna print that pic there and bring it in to a footlocker.... thats all i have to do? they wont look at me weird and wonder why im bringin them a piece of paper
  17. street credible

    Foot Locker Family & Friends Event

    does the thing i cop have to be a certain price, cause i wanna cop a pair of shorts for like $40.... can i still use this
  18. street credible

    What would you do if someone stepped on your J's? (serious)

    Shoes get dirty when worn
  19. street credible

    *** RANSOM FITTED BOUTIQUE OPENS Sat 28th 2007 ***

    Aight whats the prices like?
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