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  1. nikebacksthefalcons

    Flipsyde Question

    Never have been a fan of the shoe, then I came across these today. I'm interested to see what the Thirty2 on the side was all about, does anyone have a clue?
  2. nikebacksthefalcons

    Now showing the Lebron got dunked on tape has come up with a copy of the tape showing Lebron get dunked it. It has to be one of the lowest quality videos I have ever seen. lol And not impressed by the dunk as it wasn't an exact facial, dunk by Crawford. Lebronwas kinda to the side of the dunk. Anyways here is the link to the...
  3. nikebacksthefalcons

    Please Delete Thread

    Please Delete Thread
  4. nikebacksthefalcons

    New Jordan Campaign/Leroy Smith

    So I googled the Leroy Smith after watching his videos on youtube, and what I have found out is signs point to this being a campaign by Nike/Jordan. This is going to be the best internet campaign in history for Jordan/Nike. Charlie Murphy plays Leroy Smith Leroy Smith is the guy who beat...
  5. nikebacksthefalcons

    Nike MVpuppets Tee shirt

    Just saw a guy wearing this t-shirt on TNT right before the game started. I have just did a quick search of a few different sites, and can't find it yet. If anyone runs across this Tee Shirt let me know, by linking me to it. I have to get one of these shirts, this is the best campaign by nike...
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