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  1. shun goku satsu

    Does she OWE me some??? Vol. Word to Nas

    I run into this girl that's friends with this one girl I used to smash/talk to. She misses the shuttle bus t the car lot. So she spots me like "don't I know you? Your ****'s friend aren't you" Im like yea, I remember you. She's like "omg, hey what's going on. Omg I need you to do me the...
  2. shun goku satsu

    Why aren't there ever any Blacks on The Real World??

    The most I remember is 2 1/2 on Real World Vegas. Alton, the black girl and the mixed girl. Hell both girls might have been mixed. They allways put all white and one black person that sometimes think they are white. I don't even watch this @@+ no more. It never changes. Its allways a gay...
  3. shun goku satsu

    New 50 Cent "Ok you're Right Video"

    Album in stores Sept 9th This song sucks imo. Especially for a jump off single
  4. shun goku satsu

    |*|News-Updates-Links-Reports Vol. Michael jackson|*| Update:12 fans Commit suicide!

    Every 10 minutes something else comes out about MJ which leads to more threads. So lets just combine all the news here shall we? Fans continue to off themselves. The toll has reached 12 as of today reports say...
  5. shun goku satsu

    Lol!! @ This clown at the Movies

    Do not read. Transformers spoiler. Im on my phone ..duno how to insert spoiler + Im bout 2 go check out a flick with my girl and all right.... So the 9:15 Transformers line is mad long, we walkin by and the other TF movie is letting out. I mean its die hard fans in line, got on...
  6. shun goku satsu

    Jay-Z Dropping New Single on BET Awards.........

    My dude is on the set in LA setting up a lot of the audio %%# and all for the awards, duno if I'm late but he said Jay posed to perform and drop the newsingle from BP3. Anybody else heard about this?
  7. shun goku satsu

    NT HELP!!! CAn Somebody Tell me Who's Track this is!!!! Please!!

    Man I've been searching forever. Finally found the link. I need this joint. Beat is EPIC!!
  8. shun goku satsu

    Tru Life Turns Himself In.............

    Former Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam artist Tru Life turned himself in to authorities last night (June 23) to face a charge of 1st degree murder, according to reports. The charge is possibly tied to a brutal stabbing incident last week that left one man seriously injured, and an 18-year old teen dead...
  9. shun goku satsu

    *****Your "Inside Voice" Appreciation*****

    Me: "Hey what's up, how you been? Good to see you." My Inside Voice: "I can't stand yo lame @@@.." %!% you really wana say but you use that inside voice and say it to yourself.
  10. shun goku satsu

    Celebrities Back In the Day.........(Megan Fox looked better then!)

    1.Kanye west 2.Tom Cruise 3.Snoop Dogg 4.Paula Abdul 5.Missy 6.Mariah Carey 7.Lil John 8.Jennifer Lopez 9.Jay-Z 10.Jamie Foxx 11.Halle Berry 12.Eva Mendez 13.Eddie Murphy 14.P Diddy 15.Denzel Washington 16.Brad Pitt 17.Beyonce 18.Angelina Jolie 19.50 Cent 20.Fergie 21.Megan Foxx 22.Tyra Banks
  11. shun goku satsu

    Adult Swim .......

    Do they not have some of the illest beats during commercial breaks and !#@ . Is there a site linked to them where you can download the music? Ain't nothingin Any info is appreciated
  12. shun goku satsu

    Michael Bay Uses Obama instead of Fictional president in Transformers 2

    Lil clip from his site. Nothing major
  13. shun goku satsu

    Year One =Weaksauce

    Chuckled a few times. Boooorrrrinnnnn!
  14. shun goku satsu

    PYV---- The Ultimate Villians

    Simple Post your favorite villians from films..
  15. shun goku satsu

    La La's New Due?? (Melo's Girl)

    I'm cuffin with it. I like
  16. shun goku satsu

    NT is boring today.........

    What's really good. No comedy, no action, no drama? [Jim Jones] Borrrriiiinnnnnn' [Jim Jones]
  17. shun goku satsu

    Recommend me a plan......... 20 pounds in 30 Days

    I need to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. That is my deadline. No B.S. I am in competition with another 1st time actor for this one nice role in an up coming film.I was told I have better skills but he has the better body to fit the role. I am 5'9 and 200 pounds. I've gained about 20 in the last to...
  18. shun goku satsu

    Micheal Jordan: An American Hero ...... On TVOne Right Now..

    Had to one of the worst Bio-pics ever!!!!!!!!!! But I'm still watching
  19. shun goku satsu

    Transformers 2 CGI: Megan Fox Even Hotter This Time

    All these Megan Fox threads. She is so overrated imo, I thought this was funny.
  20. shun goku satsu

    "Iron Man 2" (set pics)

    Mickey Rourke as Whiplash WarMachine Un PS'd pic
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