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  1. ninjasonik

    MTV VMA's vol Best VMA EVER

    What the hell is this chick wearing? Looking like The Phantom of the Opera draped in gold
  2. ninjasonik

    Best FB feed posts.

    Do you know those posts that shows up in your fb feed that friends posts on each other wall? Well this just showed up and I'm Jesse to Ruth
  3. ninjasonik

    Hey NT, where does a guy go to find a GOOD girl?

    My cribport
  4. ninjasonik

    Who is this girl? vol. I seen you before

    Cell pics from couple days ago, swear i've seen her on here before
  5. ninjasonik

    So..I have a nike inerview tommorow

    It's for nike id @ niketown NY. My boy works there and told me they're hiring and told my to apply and they called back Anyone here works fornike? What's the starting salary like? Perks? Benefits? Any help is appreciated
  6. ninjasonik

    NT Appraisal, get your stuff appraised!

    Let's get an appraisal going, post how much you think it would be worth and good places to sell/buy said item. I'll start, I "found" thisknife at a art show. No idea what kind of animal but I'm thinking a type of pig? How much you think its worth?
  7. ninjasonik

    NT: New pickup

    p.s How much is this worth
  8. ninjasonik

    Hot Daaaamn

  9. ninjasonik

    Message to all the NT playas from NINJASONIK

    Don't get caught slipping..
  10. ninjasonik

    Crohn's Disease? (with PICS!)

    So I was smashing some girl that had this disease and she told me from the get that she had it, but I never really played it any attention till this weekend. So on Sat I woke up and was horny so I proceed to get it in But beforeI could get it in shorty was like "No No, I gotta get my...
  11. ninjasonik

    Damn really screwing up

    Everytime I click a thread I get redirected to this madness smh
  12. ninjasonik

    WARNING: Pervert alert is now Amber

  13. ninjasonik

    NT I saw $teve today

    He was on the train with me rocking playstation af1 and a cement print nike sb belt. I have pics, I'm waiting for homegirl to send them to me.
  14. ninjasonik

    21 Grams

    Just saw this movie and it was Best script I've ever seen in a movie
  15. ninjasonik

    31 cent/sccop @ Baskin Robbins

    It's 39 cent scoop night @ basin robbins. I got all 31 flavors for $9.71 Firefighter dude is
  16. ninjasonik

    Crazy Subway Stories vol. NYC especially

    This is on another forum I browse and this was my story. Share yours if you have any
  17. ninjasonik

    NTERS: What are you doing tonight?

    So I'm back in NYC and my boy is throwing a loft party tonight so that's what I'll be doing. What about the rest of NT?
  18. ninjasonik

    NT I found an iphone

    What do I do? I'm in Italy and I found an iphone 3g thats from America (Cali area code). It's weird because it seems like the phone was one of thosetest phones they have in the apple store but I found it in a restroom here in Italy Like it has the usual pictures of random people and texts that...
  19. ninjasonik

    Having 3 arms vol. Is this the new thing?

    Just read and look
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