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  1. migit1209

    Your Mother's Advice

  2. migit1209

    NT, Where is this picture from?

  3. migit1209

    Straight Gridin music aka the return of Reggaeton

    Before you continue reading, this post is solely for the purpose of enriching your knowledge of the Reggaeton game. These past years (maybe 2010+) there has been a bunch of new cats coming out with GOOD music and they've been making on main stream in LA. Dude's include Farruko, J Balvin, J...
  4. migit1209

    Can there be anything less attractive in a woman than.... Vol. has this been done before?

    Women flicking the camera off while posing for a facebook picture I probably couldn't post pictures if i wanted due to forum rules, but you guys get the point. I absolutely hate this.
  5. migit1209

    Windows network help: Can't view shared files on my network

    I have 2 computers. A desktop running vista and a laptop running windows 7. Both the computers have their network settings turned on. Documents, printer, etc. Now, when I'm on my laptop, i can see everything that is being shared from the desktop. Doesn't work that way when I'm on my desktop. I...
  6. migit1209

    Chorizo Appreciation Post!!!

    This has to be one of the best morning foods imo. Slap some tortillas/beans with it and you have a meal. I can eat this food everyday for the rest of my life and not complain
  7. migit1209

    Message sent by random naked chick on Facebook

    Anyone else getting them? 
  8. migit1209

    Best fly trap?? Where can i buy??

    I'm in a situation. Where can i buy some reliable fly traps other than the internet? In the Los Angeles Area Something like this
  9. migit1209

    Arcangel – Optimus A.R.C.A

    Finally here! Been bumping "Pendiente A Lo Suyo" all this morning Bad cover choice imo. All my Reggaeton heads check in
  10. migit1209

    Remember your First Heartbreak?

    She does [/spoiler]
  11. migit1209

    Losing the remote control while watching TV Unappreciation post

    Especially when I'm in bed. I have to get up, shake the covers, watch it fly, and get comfortable again. It's happened like 3 times today, FML Yes, I'm angry [/spoiler]
  12. migit1209

    Best Places (Preferably Beaches) to Watch the Sunset?

    Title says it all Looking for something romantic. Thanks in advance
  13. migit1209

    What ISP do you have? How much are you paying? Thinking about changing..

    I'm currently with AT&T and I'm not happy with my speed connection What better connection can i get in Los Angeles? What ISP do YOU have? How much do you pay? Good service?
  14. migit1209

    This guy is talented

    I wish i had a sharp ear like him Dude is a clown Skip to 3:25 to see how he makes the sounds. Song choice is tho
  15. migit1209


    Goodnight NT
  16. migit1209

    Quick Financial Aid+ Textbooks Question

    My financial aid covered my tuition but will it cover textbooks as well? Any help would be appreciated
  17. migit1209

    UFC 117: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen

    Silva is going to rock Sonnen. That is all
  18. migit1209

    Overflow/Expansion In A Car Question (pics)

    So recently, i've been having overheating problems with my 2005 civic ex SE. I've looked up a few answers and have managed to fix(?) the problem I pretty much replaced the radiator cap and the Thermostat and haven't had a problem till this date (Aug 2nd 2010) My question is, why the hell is my...
  19. migit1209

    Chicks with muscle....

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