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  1. 510sneakerhead

    Jordan Concord 11 PC and LC

    Hey NT I was just wondering how much these were worth, and if they are legit... thanks so much --510sneakerhead
  2. 510sneakerhead

    P/C AND L/C on 1999 Jordan v's B grade

    Hey Niketalk i was wondering what these shoes were worth or if they were legit They are size 9 and B GRADE comes with nike box please i need an answer fast. Thanks -510SH-
  3. 510sneakerhead

    PC/LC on some bred 11s.

    I was about to go ahead and buy these but thought to myself i want to be 100% sure before i do anything dramatic can someone please tell me if these jordan11's are legit and how much they are worth thanks.
  4. 510sneakerhead

    Air Jordan V Toro Bravo Package illegal sells.

    isnt this illegal what this guy is doing??? he is litterally taking every size TBP and trying to sell them online already which only stores got this many and i know he didnt just go out and buy them allbut he might have any1 ever seen this guy on ebay? he has alot of stuff sold and stuff but...
  5. 510sneakerhead

    Jordan XI snakeskin's Price/Legit Check

    Hey NT Fam I am new to this forums but I have been looking around here alot, well i copped some jordan XI snakeskin sz 7's and I was wondering if they werefake or real and what they are worth, thanks -510SneakerHead-
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