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  1. markymark25


    It's the first of Oktober, the beginning of Filipino American Heritage Month. If you haven't heard of it before, please take some time to educate yourself about it. I'll post an email I received a couple days ago: FANHS Advisory: 2nd Cut 2009 Filipino American History Month Trustees, Trustee...
  2. markymark25

    UW/Seattle Students: Anyone looking for an APT???

    Decided to get some exposure for some friends. They already hit up facebook and craigslist with ads, hoping it's ok to post one on here. A couple of my friends are looking to sublet their three bedroom apt ASAP. They had a falling out w/ another roommate and can't afford to live there at...
  3. markymark25

    Good Happy Hour spots? Seattle Area

    I know this side of the forum is pretty dead, but doesn't hurt to try haha.<br> Hopefully this can turn into a post us Seattle Heads can use (kinda like the Restaurant post)<br><br> Anyone know any good spots for food happy hour? I'm getting bored of the same ones I've been going to.<br><br>...
  4. markymark25

    Sonics fomally apply to relocate

    Just got the ESPN notification Text as I was finishing up a project. Haven't read all of the article yet.
  5. markymark25

    Geo of Blue Scholar's (11/9) / UW Sayaw (10/30)

    wattup ya'll, decided to put these up here, some local stuff for u guys took this first one directly from myspace haha: ---- Come out to Sayaw's first showcase! Don't know what Sayaw is? It's FASA @ UW's Filipino Dance group, and we're pulling together dances from the mountain regions and...
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