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  1. jrdnkiks213

    laptop/pc experts... is this a good "deal"?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop/pc and came across this one.  I just need it for the basics - typing, browsing, music..
  2. jrdnkiks213

    ...Stretched out T-Shirt Collars UNAppreciation...

    I hate it when I find a t-shirt that's but the damn collar is toowide... Wassup with all these brands investing in horrible quality collars..
  3. jrdnkiks213

    California Unemployment.. or Unemployment in general..

    I know they ask you to report any earnings during a specific period but I had a question as to if these could be labeled as earnings... 1) I recently received a refund from my college I guess because I had overpaid on something and since I'm done they cut a check. 2) I received a rebate for...
  4. jrdnkiks213

    Good spot to catch the De La Hoya/Pacman fight?

    I want to watch this fight but do not feel like just ordering from home. I wanna make it to a bar or lounge or whatever.. get a couple beers.. and watch thefight. I've called the Vault in Pasadena, a spot in Alhambra, the Yardhouse. And they all said they're not showing it. I've never...
  5. jrdnkiks213

    New Joe Budden TV Vol. Sidetracked

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