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  1. be23forlife

    UCDavis October 9-10 Pre-med/health Conference I'm planning on volunteering, on Friday to get that free ticket and Tshirt Anyone else planning on going?
  2. be23forlife

    HP Laptop Batteries

    My battery is dead and i'm looking to buy a new one... HP sells theirs for like $95 and generic goes for $45... does anyone have any experience with generic brands, will they work just as good, are they safe? thanks
  3. be23forlife

    UPDATE MORE CLUES...Song Identification Slum Village- Selfish Remix

    I'm looking for a Selfish came out around the same time the original song came out had a sped up sample in the background, made by some so vague I know I just remember this remix being so ill, i've been digging through my CD's trying to find it but no luck I KNOW MY...
  4. be23forlife

    Donating clothes etiquette?

    i'm helping out the South Pacific with their recent natural disasters by volunteering and donating clothes. i was wondering, if their is a certain etiquette for donating i got a couple nice jackets, pants, beenies, fitteds, and shoes.... but i'm also contimplating throwing in some socks and...
  5. be23forlife

    Las Vegas trip during Fight Weekend, need advice....

    My 21st birthday is in November, the weekend of the Pacquiao fight...I already have a flight, hotel, and table for the first night i arrive in vegas. The table is is paid by and is for me and my cousins...but my boys are going to vegas as well. It has just recently been announced that Kanye...
  6. be23forlife

    What are you doing Today?

    Go to Best Buy maybe catch a movie unfortunately going to a viewing... chill with homies NT what are you doing today?
  7. be23forlife

    Blackberry Bold Owners come in...

    Any of you come from owning a curve? i have a curve right now, contemplating selling it to cop a bold, should i do this... Pros and Cons of doing soo....
  8. be23forlife

    summer summer summer time!!!?!?!?!!?!

    first day of SUMEEER!!!!! what are ya'll doing....i'm about to go to a 24 hour restauraunt. ...waitin for my homie t o swoop me up
  9. be23forlife

    Credit Card question

    i currently got 1 Credit Card, paid credit history is good. Capitol One has sent me 5 offers within the last month or 2 i don't need another card, but would it be beneficial to take this Capitol one Offer?
  10. be23forlife

    How are you going to celebrate finals..

    Finals are almost done, and all i'm thinking about is how to celebrate at the end. just finished my two hardest finals, and its all down hill from here. i'm prolly gonna celebrate by gettin some wings with my homies and knockin down some beers. So NT, how are you celebrating the end of...
  11. be23forlife

    Who would win in a fight between....

  12. be23forlife

    Where can I find a leather jacket like this?

    I've been lookin for a jacket like this...anyone know where i can cop..I know summers coming, but i usually wear jackets year round so any help would beappreciated... here's a better pic of the hood.
  13. be23forlife

    how do you tell your friend their relative is...

    hot...i don't know if it was the beer goggles, but shawty was bad....and i didn't have the heart to tell dude i was feelin her... went in for the extra long hug, i can't be the only one... i'm drunk so.... blame it...
  14. be23forlife

    NT, what job do you have lined up for summer?

    I know its early but I'm trying to plan what I got goin on during summer and I'm considering working at a gym? Im most likely going summer school so ijust need a little $ to get me bye, and i'm always at the gym, so i might as well make $ being there. Has anyone worked at a gym before, how was...
  15. be23forlife

    Whats good with Arenas?

    any news? whats up with his knee? dude used to tear it up
  16. be23forlife

    taking courses wit friends?

    yay or nay? its coo to see your friends and conversate with them but i honestly would rather not have classes with them. i want to concentrate and do good in class, and I know if they're around, its gonna be hard for me to stay focused. I'm contemplating dropping this class, and switching up...
  17. be23forlife

    USC ...Romeo Miller

    i heard that romeo was up in USC but i did not know he was actually on the team. Is he doing big things? Is he good? any PT? Its a trip because i don'treally see celebrity kids going to college and making something out of themselves. Big ups to him cause he ain't just leaching off his pops.
  18. be23forlife

    $ea$onal Jobs

    yo...the holidays is coming and the funds are diminishing. Who just got hired somewhere and who is hiring? Need a coo job that pays enough so where ya'llworking at for the Season?
  19. be23forlife

    Christmas is coming $$$$$

    yo... i need a seasonal job. anyone just get hired anywhere cool to work at. I got nice work experience Macys, best buy, BofA...Want to work somewhere for theseason, thats not as serious, and pays coo. so where ya'll work at and who's hiring?
  20. be23forlife

    Cultural Events in SF

    sup, i have a project for class in which i have to attend a cultural event and write a 3 page paper about the event and i was wondering if anyone had any ideasof any cultural events that are occurring around SF. Hopefully interesting ones.
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