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  1. zekethephysique

    Showtime's Documentary: Outcry

    Big story in Central Texas, glad this story is being told all over. Couldn't imagine the nightmare this kid had to go through. This is in Williamson County, which has been brought up on other threads as a hardcore conservative, corrupt, upper-middle class suburb outside of Austin. The first...
  2. zekethephysique

    RIP Javier Ambler

    I don't know how many times I've heard someone saying watch out when going through Williamson County. Don't speed, keep your music down, come to a complete stop before the white line on the street or the pole of the stop sign. Every brown and black person I know has heard it...
  3. zekethephysique

    The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix

    Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix is the toughest thing I've ever seen. Me and the wife could only get through 3 episodes. Both of us were in tears. You're watching pure evil on a tv screen, and it made me not just angry, but sad. They system "designed" to protect this kid, let him slip...
  4. zekethephysique

    Camping Appreciation

    Been on a mission this year buying camping equipment. My wife and I were talking about how much fun we each had camping with our families growing up. Figured it would be a cool hobby to get into together. Thought I would make a thread with any advice, recommendations, or equipment suggestions...
  5. zekethephysique

    Netflix Mini-Series When They See Us

    Came out this past Friday. Tough to watch. Finished the first episode so angry and disgusted with what those boys had to go through. I was there wishing death on the people that destroyed those boys' lives. Nothing much has changed in regards to our Clown in Chief either.
  6. zekethephysique

    Peloton Bike

    The wife and I decided to pick up a Peloton Bike. Kind of wanted to put in a squat rack, platform, and weights in my garage to lift, but I know it would have taken up too much real estate. Considered a rowing machine, but it seemed too boring. Landed on the Peloton after a ton of research and...
  7. zekethephysique

    DNA Ancestry Kits

    My wife gave me an early Christmas gift. She picked me up a 23 and Me Ancestry Kit, and I was wondering if you guys tried it or had any surprises? I got it early so I could get a jump on getting the results back.
  8. zekethephysique

    Starz Mexican-American Drama Vida

    Watched the first episode, each one of the sisters reminds me of girls from my past. Cool to have a show represent a specific part of my culture.
  9. zekethephysique

    Britney Spears workout.... dayum!

    She can still get it x 1,000,000.
  10. zekethephysique

    Clay Travis... Sellout

    Dude has become a total troll for the Fox News-loving crowd. He used to be great when he stuck to just SEC football. I'd love to see him get knocked out, but he's one of those cowards that would sue you if you punched him.
  11. zekethephysique

    Need Help: Anybody know about this video girl?

    Had this video sent to me on FB messenger and I can't open it because of copyright issues cause she's lip syncing. Anybody seen this video and know how to find it again? She's bad as hell, that's why I am even asking. Lol
  12. zekethephysique

    Embedding Question

    How do I embed? Youtube is easy enough. I still don't know how to embed Twitter posts/vids as well as news articles. I am tired of sharing links to things. 
  13. zekethephysique

    This Kind of Ish Right Here... SMH
  14. zekethephysique

    Finally Got Myself a Good Girl

    Been in great relationship the last two years. I was telling my boy the other day I can't believe how much time, energy, money, feelings, etc I wasted on girls that really weren't worth it. I really am grateful I didn't make the mistake of marrying any girls from my past. It really could have...
  15. zekethephysique

    Help Me Out With a Moral Dilema

    So I pre-ordered a Samsung S7 as soon as it was made available on the 23rd of February, turned out to be cheaper monthly to upgrade from my S6. The release date was March 11th, but people started getting them on the 2nd, I received mine on the 3rd. I was surprised how early it came in, it was...
  16. zekethephysique

    McKayla Maroney Appreciation Thread

    Just saw this interview today where she announced her plan to retire from gymnastics. She is fire, curvy and petite. Getting thick too. 
  17. zekethephysique

    Target - Ballin Commercial

    This girl is bad.   
  18. zekethephysique

    Polo Sport is back in the Fall... Take my money Ralph Lauren Taking it back to 1996! Ralph Lauren always shown love for the big guys like myself. 
  19. zekethephysique

    Destination Wedding: The Way to Go?

    My boy got married in Cancun two weeks ago, and we put this together cause our other friend couldn't make it. When I finally shut it down, I'm hoping for a destination wedding. It's a mini-vacation, you don't have to worry about inviting people you aren't close (chances are they ain't paying to...
  20. zekethephysique

    Does it come in a Solar-powered model?
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