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  1. j671


    Props to all the fathers on NT!!
  2. j671

    Headed to Louisiana.Nees the 411

    Going to be around the Iberia Area!!Club spots,Casinos,Malls,GOOD EATING!! I'm want a good *** PO BOY!!!! Any info will be greatly appreciated bretherens!!
  3. j671


    BARELY worn Jordan Oreo VI Size 10 150.00 or best offer.Paypal or money gram/order No box,but will have replacement.Soles are MUCH clearer in person.You WILL sign for these upon receiving!!Tracking number will be included. Contact me 2286979994.Jesse.OBVIOUSLY ,I'm not here to scam when I'm...
  4. j671


    Insert Harlem shake gif!!!
  5. j671


    no inserts.used casually.slight yellowing of the sole.text or email me 2286969994 or PayPal only.I will only send to the address on the PayPal account.Tracking number and you will have to sign for the shoes
  6. j671

    SIZE 10 used Playoff 13's

    Used less than ten times,slight creasing,no box,great condition Will only ship in the U.S. you will have to sign for these shoes at pickup Text or email me 2286979994 or
  7. j671

    Used 01 Concords

    ]Mesh yellowing due to age.Yellow Soles as well.Soles have been seaglowed so, traction has decreased. Being as specific as I can be.Comes with box and original laces. Will only ship in the U.S. Any questions Text or email me 2286979994 or Will ship with a tracking confirmation...
  8. j671


    Someone embed
  9. j671

    Racing at its finest!!!! And the safest!!!

    Can't embed.Someone if I'm late,I will take the L and late pass like a chump!!
  10. j671

    Hyped beat rap music for working out?

    I don't come into the music forum much,but I figured this is the best place to ask.Need some help with some hip/hop and rap with that out of control bass that gets your blood pumpin and want to hurt someone!! Kind of like a Roy jones jr-cant be stopped beat.APPRECIATE IT MUSIC HEADS.And yes,I...
  11. j671

    PYP from another site.Yuku bound..JUST FOR LAUGHS..BOREDOM! I think this was the period when NT had the whole "INVADE OTHER YUKU THREADS" some NT cats made some appearences I see
  12. j671

    blessing in disguise??PSN down related

    So, since its been down,I've been getting more sleep.Read my crib.Do laundry instead of buying more clothes..Made this you..?
  13. j671

    HMMM..Have you ever wondered about this?? 0.O

    Why is it, everytime I hit the dollar general or walmart,I see people using an ebt card.Then, while walking out,i see them loading it into a brand new whip.Talking about atleast an 18,000 dollar value whip.What am I doing wrong???yes ,I'm jelly..nah not
  14. j671

    ABDC 2011

    Thoughts??I think they need to get all the champs together and battle for it!!AND what the hell is lil mama talkin about????Am I trippin , or are there more mofo's in groups?
  15. j671


    IM ASSUMING,I get some of these foods for free.I myself, am a taxpayer,but I want to thank ALL of you for the free foods as well as taxpaying.Maybe one day, when you have a kid, I'll be helping you out too.Too the ones who make too much to qualify,my apologies to you.I know some may get mad...
  16. j671


    alright so before the upgrade, I linked all my pics to photobuket.Now since the update ,I cant find it in the setting to change my photobucket account.Any help..thanks
  17. j671

    crooks and castles T help

    wanna buy online.just wanna know if I should get a medium or large???thank..btw, 5'6" bulky up top, not fat though.workout on the daily, but im a little worried about the lenght.Is it like southpole shirts, or regular T's?thanks in advance.
  18. j671

  19. j671

    Looking for the how to change white/red VI's to midnight VI's

    basically it is what it is.I remember seeing it before , but I've searched the thread.maybe someone else has it bookmarked?
  20. j671


    Gonna hit up Cali in a month for vacation.Imma be around the Burbank area.What should I visit.Gonna rent a car for a week.And whats the cheapest hotel/motel 8 type deal.How much cash Do I need with renting a car and cheapass motel/hotel???thanks in advance, oh yah and I will google the crap...
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