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  1. retroisback2008


    Post all your originals (OG) in spoilers or below screenshot (or else!). If you want the icons PM me. 
  2. retroisback2008

    Anyone Remember The First Mac Thread With The .ICN Folder :hat . . .

    I need that folder, I had it on my external and it crashed.   If ya'll remember what I'm talking about please contact me, I just need that folder, it was . 
  3. retroisback2008

    SneakerHeads, Sneaker Collectors, Everyone in Online Sneaker Culture Check-In Vol. Survey Time!

    what is up everyone, i have a project i am doing and i need as many people to take this survey. it just 15 questions and will take no more than 5 minutes. I have been on NT for over 5 years and this is possibly the biggest Sneaker Community there is. ...
  4. retroisback2008

    Double Post

    Double. YUKU  First Post.
  5. retroisback2008

    NT College Students Check-In, Real Quick.. Vol. College Projects Relating To The Sneaker Community.

    whats up niketalk, been with niketalk since 05 i have done a couple of projects in HS, but in college and for the past three years never decided to do one until now.  any of ya'll ever do projects relating to the sneaker community?  For example:  Do shoes have a big influence on young adults...
  6. retroisback2008

    - NT Producers Thread: Questions for Newbies, Beginners, Starters. -

     been w/ NT for years now, know a lot of you guys are sick  with the whole producing, beat-making, and rapping and the whole nine. I wanted to make a thread for new comers to the whole beating making. I recently had a couple of ideas when listening to a couple of old songs to maybe make...
  7. retroisback2008

    Question On White Beat By Dre Studio Version?

    I know a lot have people who have the black one's and they love them, even though the quality could be a lot better, but with the white one's my question is do they to get dirty quickly or even at all? I know they have a glossy finish, which is pretty dope. -
  8. retroisback2008

    macintosh experts: how to mount and actually have it work.

    past couple of days i have had trouble mounting a program on my Mac, it works and the Disk displays on my desktop but when i go to install the program it says "to insert disk." the program is: Reason 5. PM me if this was to get locked.  - 
  9. retroisback2008

    Tennessee NT'ers, Knoxville etc. Where ya'll at?

    Tennessee #NT's whats good.. where ya'll at; and any cool spots in Knoxville? 
  10. retroisback2008

    Mac Experts! Come in! Vol. What Program Do You Use?

    alright, well i need SmartDraw, I can get it, but it's for Windows. What do you guys use for Diagram Application, for your Mac's? Can't find any.... 
  11. retroisback2008

    All my fellow Mac NT'ers.. What do ya'll use for Diagram Software or

    alright, well i need SmartDraw, I can get it, but it's for Windows. What do you guys use for Diagram Application? 
  12. retroisback2008

    yo, i know there is a iPhone thread, but this is crazy. vol. can't creep anymore.

    AT&T FamilyMap determines a family member's phone location and displays it within a map on your iPhone. A number of techniques are used to determine location. AT&T phones that have A-GPS (Assisted GPS) return the most accurate locations when they have a clear line of sight to GPS satellites...
  13. retroisback2008

    how long have been on NT and how many post?

    I have 1341 posts, and have joined since 12/19/05. So the average i post is 335 a year. yes, I am bored. 
  14. retroisback2008

    Post Your Ringtone.. Vol. Need A New Ringtone!

    yeah. so I have been riding with Beautiful Bliss, the beginning of it, so smooth .  Looking for a new one..
  15. retroisback2008

    NikeTalk'ers who have Windows OS on Mac OS, need assistance.

    alright, so I am thinking about running windows on my Mac, but only one thing doesn't make sense. Getting Windows 7, or Vista. I can purchase it (or get itanother way) but which one do I look for.
  16. retroisback2008

    External Hard Drive Died; Need Data Recovery Software.

    wussup, NT.. what is the best Data Recovery Software for mac? Recently my external died, luckily my External Hard Drive is also packed up on my friends HD.
  17. retroisback2008

    Premium Soles ; New Spot for the Rhode Island heads. [Mods move to Regional]

    what's good NT, there is this spot that has been open for about a year or so called Premium Sole. Ya'll should check it out. It's in Providence,RIacross from classical. They are having a crazy sale, all shirts are half off. Shoes are half off OG price. All shirts are 50%. They have a couple of...
  18. retroisback2008

    **Lancaster & Philly PA Area**

    whats good.. I'm heading out there to Philly and the Lancaster Area.. I wanted to know if there are any sneaker spots out there? Or spots that sellHundreds, Crooks, etc.
  19. retroisback2008

    How To Tell If TicketMaster Tickets Are Real?

    Alright so I'm getting Jay-Z Tickets off of CL and I don't want to get fake tickets; How do you tell if the tickets are real or fake?
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