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  1. aubstuh86

    Anyone here lactose intolerant? VOL: diarrhea 4 times this week

    any NTers get the runs after drinking a glass of milk or consuming dairy related products? last week I had a bowl of ice cream and I had to use the bathroom 3times within 2 hours. i had the worst combination of gas/diarrhea/constipation at the same god damn time last night after a glass of...
  2. aubstuh86

    NT how many citizenships do you have?

    not trying to brag, but i have triple citizenship (US + Canada + China) . live in canada, born in hawaii, have established hong kong residency. everything in the states is cheaper except health care, so i get all my medical check ups in canada. best believe once the US economy is in shambles...
  3. aubstuh86

    is youtube slow as hell for anyone?

    takes nearly 5 mins just to load a god damn 30 second clip... what gives??? started yesterday
  4. aubstuh86

    425/206 heads: School me on the Lynnwood Area/Snohomish County. Possibly moving to Lynnwood

    So my parents have been house shopping and they found a nice new home 5 mins from Alderwood Mall/Town Center in Lynnwood. The house is on 143rd Pl SW soit's also very close to the Ash Way park and ride. I know a lotta NTers frequent Alderwood Mall, but me being a thorough bred city boy from...
  5. aubstuh86

    Baby dropping ritual vol. crazy indians dropping babies on rooftops i cant embed this vid so just copy and paste. imagine if the crazy indian priests misjudged and mistimed the distance/drop, baby guts everywhere . SMH at this ritual tho, crazy religious indians.
  6. aubstuh86

    Interracial Dating: What races have you dated?

    I've dated a Colombian chick from Montreal, a half Vietnamese/half white chick, and a few Chinese-American chicks. I was out at the mall today and I saw this asian dude with a black wife and 2 blasian kids, had to do a double take . times a changin
  7. aubstuh86

    facebook question: vol profile tracker

    is there anyway for other people or yourself to see who has viewed your profile????? FFFUUUUUUUUUUU i hope not or else my ex is gonna see my umpteenth view on her profile
  8. aubstuh86

    NT health nuts: post your smoothie recipes.

    aight, since summer is here and i know a small number of you health nuts want to keep a healthy radiant glow/fit body (NH). post your smoothie recipes. required: a high powered blender. here's my special recipe, i call it the "blueberry muffin supreme": 4 cups of frozen blueberries 1...
  9. aubstuh86

    Richard Jefferson to Spurs for Bowen, Oberto, Thomas

    Spurs trade for Bucks' Jefferson By Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports 10 hours, 6 minutes ago Buzz up! 67 votes Print More From Adrian Wojnarowski Pistons trade Johnson for Bucks' Oberto Jun 23, 2009...
  10. aubstuh86

    Kobe Bryant haters, please come in and give me a legit reason

    as to why you hate this man. Over the years, my hate for Kobe has turned into appreciation. I don't think there is any other player in the league with asmuch of a genuine passion and love for the game as Kobe. Sure he's tough on this teammates and he single's/calls them out, but that's cause...
  11. aubstuh86

    i know i'm late as hell, but this is painful to watch

    got damn i feel embarrassed just by watching.� .�� they cant be serious with this vid. the lyrics areabsolutely garbage, and she goes way off beat at 2:22.��� not to mention this h0e looks like a voodoo doll with flaming orange weaves . "playing drinkin games... and +%%*.. always in the big...
  12. aubstuh86

    Yao Ming or Dwight Howard? Who would you take starting a franchise.

    Me and my boy always get into this argument. He claims Dwight Howard is the better center... O RLY? Who would yall take as your starting center if you had a choice between the two.... You obviously won't be able to give the ball to Howard in the clutch due to his poor free throw shooting...
  13. aubstuh86

    your vote for 6th man of the year: vol nba 09 season

    imo, it should go to nate robinson. nate robinson was one of the top 5 scorers in the league in the month of january and for the first few weeks of february.. he definitely has stepped up his game in the last year. (playing in dantoni's offense doesnt hurt either). he also has scored more...
  14. aubstuh86

    Sunday school teacher suspected of killing 8 year old girl Sandra Cantu N stuffing body in suitcase (video link)
  15. aubstuh86

    Flight attendant rap: Vol. fly southwest

    some label needs to sign this guy.� skills
  16. aubstuh86

    celtics vs spurs: ray allen in PE XI's. white + gold.

    anyone watching this game? just looked at the bench and ray's sporting white+gold XI's. HOT. not the opening day ones, those were ugly. these aresomething new n fresh.
  17. aubstuh86

    NT Marines, come in... need your opinions, thinking about joining.

    To all the fellow NT marines, I got a question..... I've read and seen all the ads "the few, the proud, the marines". I'm 2 years away fromgraduating from college. I'm 21 right now and getting tired of the same %#%# different day school route. I want to do something that the average...
  18. aubstuh86

    anyone NOT going to be watchin the superbowl??

    i know i won't be. football to me is boring as hell, i usually tune in for 10 mins for the halftime show or something and see if anything controversialhappens. superbowl = overrated. it's more of a day of marketing than anything else, and americans getting fat as hell from ordering tons of...
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