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  1. white rhino 21

    merry christmas nt philippines...

    merry christmas everyone. stay safe and have a good one.
  2. white rhino 21

    NFL Games shown in the Philippines?

    it depends on what cable provider you have wherever you'll be staying at. solar sports shows a few nfl games per week, but they'll be moving from skycable to destiny at the start of january. they also televise one game (i think) on channel nine, which is on free tv, so you might get lucky there.
  3. white rhino 21

    Official Tattoo Thread Vol. Post Your Pics Or Hot Ones

    i just got my first tattoo yesterday and i need your help. am i supposed to put petroleum jelly and / or lotion to help with the healing process? i'm pretty sure i'll have to use lotion at one point, buti'm getting conflicting feedback on the petroleum jelly. if i am, how often do i need to be...
  4. white rhino 21

    What's your favorite food/resto?

    i still have a soft spot for bite club along katipunan. their burger x with a milkshake was an awesome combo.
  5. white rhino 21


    i tried the white/navy 5's in rockwell earlier today. i'm not too sold on the look of the shoe just yet, but the fit is awesome.
  6. white rhino 21


    copped my d12's today. i wanted the tmacs too (i'm partial to black kicks with white soles), but airpopoy's right... the blue was just too good topass up.
  7. white rhino 21

    tattoos in the philippines

    i've noticed a few tattoo spots in some of our malls which, while not necessarily the most well-known or of the highest caliber, are more accessible andi'm guessing would be cleaner... at least in theory. anybody know about these particular shops?
  8. white rhino 21

    tattoos in the philippines

    hey guys, i'm thinking about getting some ink done on myself for my birthday this year. i'm still on the fence about it, but it's something i've always wanted to do for a long time and i'm pretty sure i'll still get one before i'm done. that being said... 1. where's a good place to get them /...
  9. white rhino 21

    The Buzz / S-Files THREAD!

    ^that's a pretty nice.... baller band you've got there. loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  10. white rhino 21

    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    it's tough to take but it also makes sense... at least for me. randy's right; he doesn't have anything left to prove unless he's fighting fedor, so it doesn't make sense to stay in the sport if that fight isn't going to happen anymore, especially at his age. dana white not paying fighters what...
  11. white rhino 21


    i'll play. medium please... hopefully that'll fit. loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  12. white rhino 21

    Filipino NTer's in Toronto... help!

    thanks for the input, guys. ^xxx dOubleO xxx pretty much hit the nail on the head. no disrespect to non-filipino NTer's or anything like that because this was never intended to be about race, but it's easier (at least for me) to ask kababayans about things like these because they're less prone...
  13. white rhino 21

    Filipino NTer's in Toronto... help!

    i've never been to toronto before so i don't know what's out there or what the lag is between releases there and in the us, but my sister's heading over next week so i'm looking to get a new pickup. the only shoes i'm eyeing at the moment are the white/navy lebron soldiers (are these still out...
  14. white rhino 21

    Nike Stadium, Athlete's Foot,Planet Sports UPDATES

    ^ saw them in person, and am not too impressed. maybe it's the ugh colorway... also saw the soldiers in athlete's foot. not bad... loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  15. white rhino 21


    melonhead just killed this thread. awesome post man, keep the heat coming. loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  16. white rhino 21

    Zoom Kobe 2 Release

    the black / yellow colorway has been out in hong kong for 2-3 weeks now, a little over 1,000 HKD (multiply by around 6 to 7 to get the PHP equivalent). you won't find them in the commercial spots, but they're all over the place in mong kok. loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  17. white rhino 21

    Graffiti Showcase/ Show me your black books!

    awesome thread... keep those pics coming, you guys... loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  18. white rhino 21

    childhood fave cartoons.. LOL..

    bring back saturday mornings at gma! jason and the wheel (or is it wheeled?)warriors... laser tag... hell, even mr. t's cartoon was good for a watch as a kid. other favorites include visionaries, centurions, inhumanoids, mask, transformers, g.i. joe, tiger sharks, camp mini-mon and the rest of...
  19. white rhino 21

    Optical shop that carries Giorgio/Armani eyeglasses?

    ^nice pickup jojo. what color's the other pair? loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
  20. white rhino 21


    ^personally i find the all star colorways painful to the eyes. i'd rather get the regular editions of any of those kicks instead. but that's just me... loved by few. hated by many. respected by all.
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