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  1. sofreakinwavy

    why doesnt ace hood sell?

    why doesnt ace hood sell albums? dude def had a banger this around and still he didn't even sell 50,000 albums his first week. i don't even think there was a thread for his album that came out. all his past albums were decent, and his newest ones had some bangers
  2. sofreakinwavy


  3. sofreakinwavy

    whats that honda? vol. i need help

    I saw this honda in the parking lot and it was hot  however it didn't have anything on the back that says like a civic or accord, and in the front it had the H sign but it was bigger than usual it was a four door, and it looked newer like 2002+ anyone know the make of the car yea i know its...
  4. sofreakinwavy


    heard this on hot97 and just found out the artist Shout out to all the fathers that actually try to be there in their son's lives.. smh to some of yall females
  5. sofreakinwavy

    Good places to apply? vol. $8hr+

    Im 20 years old, and i got one job that pay 10 an hour but im trying to find a second job or something closer because gas is getting expensive Do ya'll have any good ideas or places? I heard security is a good idea but how hard is it to get hired if you not stocky or muscular as hell?
  6. sofreakinwavy


    they playing kompa right now haiti i love our people and our culture Other Carribean countries talk down but hey nobody gave us our independance, we fought for it
  7. sofreakinwavy

    Gf said she wanted a break Vol. 24523453

    yep she said she wanted a break, we been arguing alot recently so i guess it is what it is at first i went about it wrong trying to convince her to lets just talk it out and try to work it out but after talking to my dudes it whats best and trying to convince her to stay when she wants to leave...
  8. sofreakinwavy

    A pair of baggy trues, is there anything I can do with em?

    Ok i got a pair of trues, is there like a place where I can go and get em fitted/hemmed up? I heard nordstrom does it but im not sure.. what did yall do with ya baggy old jeans?
  9. sofreakinwavy

    Free Virus Remover Vol. one that actually works

    my computer runnin slow.. any good suggestions?
  10. sofreakinwavy

    Happy Birthday Malcolm X

  11. sofreakinwavy


    just heard this on the way back home, jesus christ at that bass
  12. sofreakinwavy

    Max B Granted an Appeal!

  13. sofreakinwavy

    good things to put in a valentines card vol. for the lovers

    ok so my girl said you dont have to get me a card or flowers then later it turned to "if you get me a card dont just put happy valentines day and i love you in it" so i need ideas on what to put in the card im kinda romantically numb so i was thinking of just filling up the whole card with...
  14. sofreakinwavy

    So... Did my girl cheat on me?

    so this past weekend after coming back from winter break my girl's phone bill came up to $800. her parents are haitian and got all mad talking about yada yada yada you in school for education and all that and she shouldn't have a boyfriend then her older brother who gave her a ride back was...
  15. sofreakinwavy

    Should I be worried?

    Ok so last november I went to one of my ex-gfs birthday partys. Wasn't a big deal it was just a dinner with me and some of her close friends including maleand females. Now my new girl asked me whose birthdays party it was and if it was her's and I said "No" simply to avoid an argument because I...
  16. sofreakinwavy

    am i overreacting?(girl problems)

    ok me and my girl have been going through some problems recently, now today we were texting, and shes like i finished my final exams yay? and i ask are youdone with classes now? like you don't have to wake up in the morning anymore? and she doesn't respond then she texted me like an hour ago...
  17. sofreakinwavy

    Am I wrong for getting mad at the wifey?

    ok so my girl been sick for the last couple of days and i kinda been taking care of her, ex. i gave her some of my robitussin and i got a double cheeseburgerfrom the cafeteria and i brought it to her in her dorms so last night we go to these frat's meeting or whatever and in the middle of it...
  18. sofreakinwavy

    Songs that make you wanna cheat on your girl?

    so far i've got trey songz cheat on you and long gone missin any more suggestions?
  19. sofreakinwavy

    Whats wrong with brown liqour?

    So I'm in Paterson, walk into liqour store and get some henny to set off the night. one dude walks into the store sees what me and my lil man are buying and we start talkin and all that and dude says i dont +*++ with brown liqour anymore i've never heard that before, does it do extra damage...
  20. sofreakinwavy

    nt what do you guys say?

    when a girl you not even feeling like that says she misses you?
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