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  1. cucumbercool

    V E N M O vol. I'm no good with new apps and I'm skeptical

    I've never used it but lately people have been asking to pay me using venmo via meet up. Excuse my ignorance but -how safe is venmo i.e. if someone pays for an item can they turn around and say they didn't receive it and file a claim like paypal? - would i need proof to verify that i sold the...
  2. cucumbercool

    upc for white black red 9 2010

    does anyone have the upc for the 2010 jordan 9 white black red ?
  3. cucumbercool

    Confusion on the movie "American Psycho"

    So did bateman really kill all those people including Allen or was it all in his mind? If so what about the police chase?. Nice film though
  4. cucumbercool

    NT recommend me some movies to download vol. no ice la fox

    Since I have a bit of extra time to chill I've decided why not watch some movies but I honestly can't think of anything to download. Any good movies recommendations?
  5. cucumbercool

    Iron Man 2

    MSN in France has posted a sneak peek at the filming of Iron Man 2 which talks about the filming in Monaco and then shows a brief clip, followed by the previously-seen teaser trailer. You can check out the clip here. Opening in conventional theatersand IMAX on May 7, the Jon Favreau-directed...
  6. cucumbercool

    Air Jordan 9

    Picture request of people wearing the air jordan 9, preferably a few wearing the low top version. Thanks
  7. cucumbercool

    New Ipod, New music

    Finally got a new ipod but I don't have that many cds to put onto it..any good albums I can look up to put on? I listen to all types of music so itdoesn't matter what.
  8. cucumbercool

    Living for the City - Stevie Wonder

    I don't know how to embed. Since I don't have access to that movie is this the song the dudes in the alley way were singing and the same song pookiewas listening to while he was crying and smoking crack? Random request I know but thanks.
  9. cucumbercool

    fitting on air jordan 3

    I need help as to how air jordan 3 retro fits. I am a 10 in a lot of jordans but also a 10.5 in other. For reference I believe I am a 10 in jordan 2,5,8 and10.5 in jordan 7,10,11
  10. cucumbercool

    This is why you're*shudders*

    Someone posted a picture from this site so I was wondering and.. While some of the food looks good Meatbread Bread infused with ground beef, sausage, and cheese. Mork's Dork From Ork thename A half pound duck and pork patty, cheddar cheese, seven pieces of maple bacon, sauteed onions...
  11. cucumbercool

    Road Rash 64 ftw

    One of the best games for n64 and one of my favorite games of all time. Iremember walking into circuit city as a last hope searching tons of stores and they had the last copy. I came homeand have been content with the game since. Where else can you have have 2d graphics, a cattle prod, cops, 20+...
  12. cucumbercool

    Fixing up an old bike..calling all cyclists.

    So I found 2 bikes today that I actually want to restore. One like this and the other like Right now I need a seat, 1 spoke and wheel for the mountain bike (possibly spokes and wheels for the other bike), front and back breaks for both, bike chains,something to rub off some of the rust and...
  13. cucumbercool

    Family Guy Abortion Episode Too Much For TV Bosses

    Put it on hulu
  14. cucumbercool

    Nike Hyperize - Decades Pack - I want!!

    Yesterday, we gave you a look at the new Nike Hyperize Decades Pack, a limitedcollection that uses the innovative basketball model to pay homage to some of Nike's most legendary designs and colorways. As you can probably see, theHyperize has been created in four new color schemes, one each for...
  15. cucumbercool

    for my african american/black nt'ers

    I don't know where the waves thread went but I need help on my hair i.e. making my waves connect better and getting a bit of a nicer "shine"? toit. Any suggestions? I already have the brush it in the shower, soft brush/hard brush, durag and lately I've been getting it cut every few weeks to keep...
  16. cucumbercool

    IPOD help vol. vol. vol. vol. vol.

    I was offered an 80 gig ipod classic for $125 but I'd prefer a video. Is $125 such a good price that I should take it or are there ipod videos around forthat price..say up to $180? Also is the screen size of the classic that much smaller compared to the video because having owned the video that...
  17. cucumbercool

    opinion on a trade

    I am about to trade my vnds flints (too big on me) for pl carolina 1 + cash and would like the opinion on this trade and possibly how much cash should I askfor in this trade?
  18. cucumbercool

    fitting on certain jordans.

    I wanted to ask how jordan 2,3 and 5 fit. I am usually a 10.5 in most but I guess with some jordans fitting big I am a 10 in others. Thanks.
  19. cucumbercool

    fitting on certain jordans.

    I wanted to ask how jordan 2,3 and 5 fit. I am usually a 10.5 in most but I guess with some jordans fitting big I am a 10 in others. Thanks.
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