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  1. creekshow

    The Last Text Vol. The Ben Show

    Watching this las night had me for real crying. Too funny not to share. Pretty sure the show airs Thursday @ 9 on Comedy Central. There has only been 2 episodes so far and both have been promising. Two other skits that are mad funny are "Gangsta Granny" and "The Football Coach" but there is...
  2. creekshow

    2 dead after explosion levels 2 homes, damages 18 Indianapolis Crazy to say the least. Lucky more people werent killed really by the looks of it. Still no known cause but they have apparently ruled out a bomb or meth lab...
  3. creekshow

    The Official "Angry Boys" thread. Premiers January 1st on HBO

    I saw it mentioned in a thread, but I couldn't find a thread on it so here it is.  Angry Boys is set for HBO, Sunday Nights at 10 starting on January 1st 2012. Here is the plot
  4. creekshow

    I need some advice. Xbox Live related

    Ok so heres the deal.  My xbox live account was supposed to expire at the end of April.  I went online to check when the exact date was, because I already have another year subscription card to redeem.  When I went to my account, it says that I have the "auto-renew" option on and has already...
  5. creekshow

    New JJ Abrams movie "Super 8" Trailer

    JJ Abrams is on as Director and Spielberg is producing it.� The Trailer leaked last night and I believe there was a trailer for it during Iron Man 2 I heard it was supposed to be a Cloverfield prequel or sequel but that apparently isnt true according to Abrams. I think it looks pretty awesome...
  6. creekshow

    Funny or Die Presents...New HBO show

    I looked and didnt see anything about this show.  Has anyone watched it. There are like 5 episodes on demand so I just watched them and its pretty damn funny. There are some weird skits that kind left me like "ugh alright." But for the most part there are some hilarious skits on there. Its...
  7. creekshow

    Ray Ramano on SNL. Sports Center Parody LOL

    I dont know if this is late or not because its crazy old.  But I just saw something that reminded me of it Its mad funny though so check it out RAY ROMANO SPORTSCENTER LONG @ Yahoo! Video
  8. creekshow

    New Inception Trailer feat Leonardo Dicaprio

    Good for nothing search feature Sorry im late but for those who didnt see the first thread Comes out July 16th Looks interesting . I was def gonna watch it after seeing that first teaser trailer but now I gotta see it just to understand whats going on Ive dug all the other stuff Nolan has...
  9. creekshow

    Bill Hader plays the UPS commercial guy on SNL haha

    I dont know if im late or not but I dont really watch SNL anymore because its not as good as it used to be.� But I heard about this skit so I checked it out He looks so much like the dude � Bill Hader is hilarious
  10. creekshow

    Back to the Future part 3 VIDEO (Little pervert lurking in the background haha)

    I was gonna add this to the people lurking in the background thread but I thought it was too funny and deserved its own.� Ive never seen Back to the Future IIIbut this has got to be real Little dudes look on his face while placing a single index finger on his junk had me dying
  11. creekshow

    Help me out NT. Edit: Somehow im losing (insert sad face)

    Whats good NT. My sister just text me telling me that my Family has their house up in a contest with a local Radio Station for Christmas lights. Basicallyall you gotta do is rate the house 1-10 and the house with the best rating at the end gets their December Electricity paid for. Funny and a...
  12. creekshow

    Funny fishing show bloopers (more on pg 2)

    I dont know if all of this is real or not but 1:00 and on had me dying.� And when dude goes to put the battery in the boat
  13. creekshow

    Lock it up

  14. creekshow

    Jason Segel gives out his phone number out during live performance (Video)

    the song is actually pretty funny too.� I think he is funny as hell so I thought id share. Site I found it on said that it goes to a voicemail with his email on it
  15. creekshow

    New movie 'Green Hornet' starring Seth Rogen (set picture inside)

    New 'Green Hornet' Set Pic: Seth Rogen In Costume!Earlier today we got our first semi-blurry glimpse of Seth Rogen in costume as Green Hornet, but we just received a new image that offers a much better look at the actor suited up to fight crime. Written by Rogen and directed by Michel Gondry...
  16. creekshow

    New Justin Timberlake SNL digital short : Mother Lover

    from tonight when he was the soon as I saw the outfits I knew it was gonna be good � "slow up, what time is it dog?� Its time for a switcharoo" I like this better than d in a box to be honest
  17. creekshow

    Say What!?! A New Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle live action movie!

    Dont know if anything has been posted or even confirmed but I heard about this and had to check out if it was for real. If they do end up making this movieyou better believe ill have my midnight showing ticket. This is like perfect for our generation because I know I used to play the hell out...
  18. creekshow

    Snakes on a Plane TV Edit. LOL...

    I dont know about you guys but I saw this posted on a blog and I thought it was hilarious.� Apparently they played Snakes on a Plane on FX and this is whatthey dubbed over that famous Sam Jackson line .� It kind of actually looks like he really is saying it though
  19. creekshow

    "Observe and Report" New Seth Rogen Movie

    Forget that douche bag Paul Blart.� Seth Rogen plays a Mall Cop worth watching in this new movie coming out.� Movie was written and directed by Jody Hill(wrote the Foot Fist Way and was also part of Eastbound and Down)� Movie Stars Seth Rogen, Anna Faris , Ray Liotta, Aziz Ansari, and also...
  20. creekshow

    Official Inglorious Basterds Post. Update New Trailer pg 5

    Like the title says this is his new movie.� Its supposed to release August 21st and its starring Brad Pitt, BJ Novak, Eli Roth, Sam Jackson, and even has MikeMyers in it Basically the plot of the movie
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