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  1. 23kickz

    NYers Help Please.. Going to NY.. staying near LA GUARDIA ok ?

    so me and my gf will be going to ny for a few days. is staying near the la guardia airport a good thing ? that is where we will be landing and some hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport along with to the near by train station to get into the city. (staying here cause it's...
  2. 23kickz

    Feeling Burnt Out... No Emo Vol: How to Ignite Thyself Again ?

    I'm sure we all feel this way at some point in our lives.  I Feel like there has got to be more to life than just working and trying to make money.  Life just seems like it's on auto pilot right now with the same routine day in and day out.  Anyone with any suggestions to jump start life again...
  3. 23kickz

    Nike Air Yeezy

    let me know what you guys think.  looks legit to me, but just want some confirmation.
  4. 23kickz

    PC: 1985 Jordan OG I Sky Jordan

    These are a kids sz. 5. VNDS (no og box)
  5. 23kickz

    Price Check - 1985 OG 1's White/Black/Red

    sz. 9.5 VNDS condition without og box. super fresh, wondering what you guys thought there are worth ?
  6. 23kickz

    Blisters/Corns After balling... any solutions to minimize this ?

    If I ball for a couple hours pretty hard, (nh) I will get some blistering/corns on some of my toes. It shouldn't be a shoe thing, cause it happens withwhatever I wear. There is probably nothing, but is there something that can help minimize this ? better quality socks/double socking ? I do a...
  7. 23kickz

    NYC/NJ Nter's.. Please check in. Looking for some help.

    Me and my friends are probably going to be heading to NYC/NJ this weekend to do some shopping. Right now we have jersey gardens and woodbury outlets on the list. what other places do you guys suggest we hit up ? either mall/outlets in that general vicinity as we will be the ones driving and...
  8. 23kickz

    Buffalo Nter's HELP ME OUT...INFO PLEASE

    whats up buffalo nter's ? i'm from toronto, canada and may be making a shopping trip to buffalo in a couple of days. i've only been going to galleria mall and then hitting up the fashion outlet (on military trail or whatever the street is). are there any other decent malls that i should go...
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