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  1. dipped in butter

    The year 2000 appreciation

    For my 2000th post I decided to think back at the year that was. Not to mention the quality and prices in retros back then was   Jan: March: April:   May: June:   July:  August:   Sept: Oct:    Dec:    The year that got me into the game HEAVY  No flame plz. this...
  2. dipped in butter

    Nike Air Zoom Generation Lebron I

    Im thinking of copping a pair from my boy for hoop (The mostly black/white and red pair) are these for ballin? and if i wear a size 12...will a size 11.5 do for me? I Dont like my basketball shoes too tight on me btw thanks
  3. dipped in butter

    How do you go to the barber shop for that "Fresh cut"?

    I know theres been a lot of barber shop post. I find my self going almost every week for a line up or getting my taper re-done after it grows back, may be a little too much How often do you guys go to the barber shop to get "Re-freshed"?
  4. dipped in butter

    Anybody balled in the adidas Gil Zero Mids?

    Thinking about getting the Indigo/white pair to hoop are these? adidas basketball products usually never seem to fail...thanx
  5. dipped in butter

    adidas TS Lightspeed Team....OR...Nike Air Max Bizness Which would be better for hoop? I really like some of the basketball shoes that Adidas puts out. I hoop in the hyperdunks and Pro Model S right now and I really like the performance on...
  6. dipped in butter

    Any Basketball leagues i can enter my team in???

    does anybody know ANY leagues at all that my team can run in? we just want to play some type of orginized ball together TEAM WARRIORS WE BELIEVE. WE WANT KG!.
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