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  1. popcornplaya

    Is there an official Travis Porter thread?

    These dudes go hard (pause.) They seem to have every element necessary to become superstars. Their shows are crazy. Their mixtapes have always come complete with at least a few bangers. They just got signed. ( to them) Their street team is making them #1 at pretty much every radio station in...
  2. popcornplaya

    post your FB Vol:34893487/IM ADDING EVERYBODY

    I'mma deactivate it in a bit so I'll accept 'errbody for the lulz.
  3. popcornplaya

    At what point is it too much? Vol. Family members

    So, I've been catching some slack from my mother for this, but I wanna know what y'all feel about the matter. Pretty much every family has that one person that is messed up. Whether it's simply being undependable to actually being insane without diagnosis (y'all who have experienced this know,)...
  4. popcornplaya

    I have a pic request. Vol. Black dude eating a meal off of a woman's back on a roof top

    I'm pretty sure that I originally saw the picture on here. the black dude has a slight afro, and he's eating a steak or something off of the back of a woman who is laying on a table with a checkerboard tablecloth. the background is looking over a city or something too. some incentive. help...
  5. popcornplaya

    How many of y'all fulfilled your 2010 New Years resolutions?

    My goal was to lose 30 pounds and quit smoking. I was 280 in January and I now weigh 205. I made it 'til the summer without buying tobacco (for my house's hookah.) I didn't buy an actual pack of cigarettes until this last finals week. ( ) What about you NT?
  6. popcornplaya

    Hey guys. Here's another story. (It's shorter, but still a read. Please leave 'tl;dr's at the door)

    This break has me super bored, so here's another story. I play rugby for my university. we aren't sponsored by the school or anything, but a bunch of the guys on the team live in a house not too far away from campus (and it's actually where I currently live.) Because I was an adventitious...
  7. popcornplaya

    A bunch of people enjoyed this. Figured I'd share. Vol. It's story time. (Long read.)

    Taken from the Attention Whoring topic. When I first got to HS I was 13. I had skipped 8th grade, so I had missed out on an entire year of macking lessons (and not to brag or anything but this was right when I was getting my swag right with the ladies ) and went straight from 7th grade to 9th...
  8. popcornplaya

    came a long way from backpacks of capri sun and flaming hots

    But this just isn't to boast about a poster, NT fam. Long story short, I've been playing with an unofficial rugby team made up of students at my university (University of St. Thomas) since I enrolled in 2009. Over the past few years we've...
  9. popcornplaya

    To All My NTers that burn incense

    What are your favorite brands? I usually stick with nag champa. ...but I've been looking for some new/different scents to mix things up a bit. Any recommendations?
  10. popcornplaya

    Seldom do I do this, but I could use advice. Yes, relationship advice.

    Long story short, a friend and I started dating towards the beginning of the summer. We had known each other for a little bit, but we were both still dealing with issues from past relationships and it just worked out that way. I'm no saint. I cheated in the beginning, but unlike other...
  11. popcornplaya

    Back to School Shopping help

    ...Perhaps a local mall?
  12. popcornplaya

    Should I Help Her?

    Sup NT. Just wanna know your guys' take on this whole situation. So, a female friend that I've known since HS goes to the same university as I do. She hasn't started her math yet, and over the summer she was suppose to complete a bunch of work that will help place her in a math class. As soon...
  13. popcornplaya


    Any recovering alcoholics active in general? At what point did y'all stop?
  14. popcornplaya

    Yo NT, Post your favorite movie scenes

  15. popcornplaya

    To all my married/divorced NTers...

    When did you know that you wanted to marry your spouse/ex-spouse? Was there an event, or something they said, that sealed the deal? How early was it in the relationship when you first started pondering about marriage? To my divorced people, when did you know divorce was the only option left...
  16. popcornplaya

    Can you cheat and still be truly attracted to your bf/gf?

    That recent embarrassing sexual encounter thread has me thinking, lol. My last relationship ended when I got caught slippin' with the alcohol and some random broad. In the process of breaking up, my ex concluded that once a man cheats, he is no longer attracted to the woman he is dating, and...
  17. popcornplaya

    Oh, word Russia? Vol. Cold War Part II.

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