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  1. imperialh8


    The innuendos for this product are pretty obvious. Some guy tugging at it thought how much would I love to see chicks at it with this product and make them think it'll help them out...right. Well I'm glad this product is out, I just don't want to see some old lady with flabby arms using it...
  2. imperialh8

    NBA Bracket 2010 Playoffs

    My bracket is similar to last years with the absence of Houston, 76ers, Detroit. I predict a Miami sweep over the Celtics, not to many game 7's. Maybe 3-4 game winning shots. As much as I hate to admit it, it's inevitable. Back to Back wins. I'll give credit where it's due, sure they mess up a...
  3. imperialh8

    Ted's Birthday

    Check out this fake birthday from an improv group on an unknowing suspect. link: http://improveverywhere.c...0/02/28/teds-birthday-2/
  4. imperialh8

    The 20 Funniest Figure Skating Faces

    Got this off of Digg... So far my faves are:
  5. imperialh8

    -- ADAM HUGHES --

    I just wanted to inspire some of the illustrators in here with some awesome art work by comic artist Adam Hughes. His portrayal of the human anatomy is what's the best part. He doesn't super impose the characters (aside from the huge knockers) But the limbs andbodies are dead on actual. Usually...
  6. imperialh8

    What do you think was the best NBA Draft year ever?

    For me I think the year that packed so much talent was 1996 Draft.� Most of the players today have fallen's been 13 years since, but this was� oneof the greatest season in the NBA. Links:
  7. imperialh8

    Recommend me a female comedian

    Recommend me a Female comedian that's all... I don't want to get into it, but basically, female comedians are rare.
  8. imperialh8

    Funny People Appreciation *maybe some spoilers*

    So, I just came back from seeing a screening to Funny People via American Express. My take on it was, it was great. possible 8 out of 10. Longer than I expected. All star comedy acts a couple surprise cameos and the RZA why not? A chance for Sandler to showcase his stand up again. Same with...
  9. imperialh8

    What do you guys do when you see this???

    What do you guys do when you see Mormon Missionaries at your door or in the distance coming your way via bike. I'm assuming we have some people in this site with this religion so please enlighten me. So far in my lifetime I've encountered them probably 7-8 times. Out of those 7-8 times I've...
  10. imperialh8

    Did anyone else get one of these....At least I tried!!! R.I.P M.J anyway

    I registered to for M.J's public memorial but wasn't chosen...
  11. imperialh8

    NBA JERSEY NUMBER LIST (Need help filling out)

    So a buddy and I tried to match a NBA jersey to a player starting from zero the other day...this is what I was able to come up with. It's definitely notcomplete. Obviously the higher numbers are harder to put a player to. If there is a better candidate for that jersey number let me know. So if...
  12. imperialh8

    METAL GEAR ONLINE (a couple questions)

    I'm new to MGO....definitely a noob, I would say a born again gamer. I've been playing MGO for about 3 months now. I'm decent at it. I have nothingon the 12-14 year olds that play everyday though. So I was wondering if there is a way to turn off the Texting that people type? I've checked...
  13. imperialh8

    Spike channels Deadliest Warrior (Ninja vs. Spartan) !%+!!!

    So I'm pretty sure most of you have seen Deadliest Warrior on the Spike channel. The episode I want to talk about is the episode between Ninja vs. Spartan. - To my knowledge the show deals mainly with weapons which I think that is the...
  14. imperialh8

    Any ""NIKE BASKETBALL SHOE"" available in the market with the same sole rubber as the Jordan 14's

    This is a mix thread question. Not too sure where this goes. So mods move accordingly. Like the title states, are there any "NIKE" basketball shoes available in the market that uses the same material ( rubber) for the sole as the Jordan14 do. I'm starting to play basketball again. It's been a...
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