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  1. princess

    PC GS Black Flip 3s

    NDS! Minor heel drag. but in great condition. With box and laces. No jumpman are missing on the insoles.
  2. princess

    Price Check & Legit Check Wmns Harbor Blue 3s Sz 8 repeat-x scroll bottom left;"> no-repeat scroll bottom left;"> no-repeat scroll bottom right; padding: 6px 6px 55px 6px;">...
  3. princess

    What's the sneaker scene like in Lufkin?

    Does the mall get packed with people when a retro Jordan releases? Are retros hard to come by there? I called up there and dude said they pretty much get every retro and in kids' sizes too. I'm trying to do my pros and cons of which college I want to go to and now that I've setteled between 2...
  4. princess

    P/C GS Oreo VIs Size 6y

  5. princess

    Price Check GS Flint XIIIs & Playoff VIIIs

    Size 6y some creases, can't even be seen when worn. hologram is clear. comes with box. sorry for the huge pictures size 6y some creases, cant be seen when worn. comes with box and retro card. yellowing on the side panels. jumpman intact on both shoes.
  6. princess

    Legit Check Space Jams GS ASAP PLEASE!

    I say they're fakes. But I need proof for the seller. Here's the vid link. It wouldn't embed.
  7. princess

    Sizing on 2000 Space Jams

    I have a deal for 100 shipped going. I usually wear a size 6.5y but these are a 6y. Should I pull the trigger or wait because of the size?
  8. princess

    P/C on GS Aqua 8s

    Claims they're VNDS, only worn once. No box. He wants 75 shipped. Good price?
  9. princess

    DFW NTers! Local sneaker spots?

    I need some local spots besides foot lockers and things of that sort. Care to share?
  10. princess

    Price Check on multiple Js! HURRY PLEASE.

    Green Bean Vs Cinco De Mayo 1s - Black Cinco De Mayo 1s - White XI Lows!
  11. princess

    Sample Vs. Legit Check,

    They look soooooo . I have to have them. Especially at the price they're at. Please let them be legit. They say it's a sample pair.
  12. princess

    L/C Maize VIIs

    I'm not too good with spotting fake VIIs yet. So...
  13. princess

    Came across these on the bay... ?

    I'm curious as to what they are... Or supposed to be? Fakes or what? Scrapped "sky infareds"? They're going for 549.99 on the bay. Size 3y. Ithink they're a sample but I'm not sure. Pretty nice IMO. I took out the seller's name in case anyone was watching them or something. I kind oflike them...
  14. princess

    Price Check on Sunset Vs

    Women's size 8. 6.5y in boys. No box or retro card. Laces are dirty but someone else can do that. I'm looking for a buy it now & starting bidprice. Preferably starting bid. Humongous pictures for you guys to judge fairly. Both jumpmans are still intact on the insole. - right shoe - left shoe
  15. princess

    Sizing on Jordan VIs?

    I wear a 6.5y but I can also wear a 6y and 7y. So what's the fit on VIs? Are they too narrow? Are they wide or a true fit? Please answer. Thank you.
  16. princess

    Fitting on Spiz'ikes? Answer please.

    I had Cool Grey Spiz'ikes in a size 6.5y and they got too fit after a while. I want the Mars Blackmon Spiz'ikes that are coming out so should I go upto a 7y or stay at a 6.5y?
  17. princess

    NT, how do you feel about Nike Air Assaults?

    I've had some for a while but I barely wear them. I'm thinking about selling but I'm not sure. This is not one of those should I sell or keep post.I just want to know NT's thoughts on these shoes. I have the Anthracite/Concord-Black-Volt colorway. Picked them up at an outlet a while back for $30.
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