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  1. theking23

    LC Air Jordan 2.0 Gucci

    So I was checking out Jays website and found these gucci retro 2.0. Never heard of them til now so can anybody let me know if these are real.Jay is usually not known for selling fake jordans.
  2. theking23

    Price Check DMP!!!

    How much are the DMP going for nowadays?Im looking for a size 13 and trying to find that starting point for prices.Any help is appreciated.Thanks
  3. theking23

    LC OG Shadow X's

    Im tripping because I could have sworn these were only made with a red jumpman and red insoles.Anybody got any input on this.
  4. theking23

    Need help with a price check on Birthday Lebrons ASAP!!!

    NT I know this ain't the Nike forum but them dudes over there dont ever answer PC like you guys do over here on the Jordan forum.I need some input on how much some DS Nike Zoom Lebron II Birthday's in a size 13 would be worth.Any help would be appreciated.Here is a picture of the shoes.
  5. theking23

    PC DS Nike Zoom Lebron II Birthday's Sz-13

    Hey NT how much are these Lebron II Birthday's in a sz-13 DS going for?
  6. theking23

    PC DS 2004 Retro Bred XIII !?!?!

    Just wondering what's the going price for a pair of Bred XIII's from 2004 DS in a size 13?
  7. theking23

    LC/PC Retro 10's Obsidian Ice Blue

    Well another pair of 10's I want to get.They are supposed to be unworn and are a size 13.I wanted to check with you guys before I get these because they look legit to me but I was kinda questioning the box.So give me a good price along with your opinions on authenticity.Thanks
  8. theking23

    LC/PC Cardinal 7

    Okay Im not really up on how to spot fake 7's so I need some schooling.So let me know what you guys think about these and a good price.I asked this question before but had no pictures.Also if you know anybody that has a pair of these they want to get rid of PM me.
  9. theking23

    PC Retro 7 Cardinal's

    Hey just wondering how much would be a good price to pay for some Retro 7 Cardinals in brand new DS condtion?Everywhere I look online is asking like $215 plus.The price list on here says $140-$170.Ain't trying to contribute to the overpayment program.Just let me know what you think would be a...
  10. theking23

    Need Help With My OG Shadow 10's

    I have an OG pair of the Air Jordan 10's and 1 shoe has a white film on the sole.I tried to just wipe it with a wet towel and it disappeared and then returned later.I want to ask around before I start trying anything else.These are some really old sneakers(1994)that are not being worn and have...
  11. theking23

    LC/PC Nike Zoom Lebron II

    Okay I cant seem to find any detailed pictures of a Legit pair of these just because they are really hard to come by now.Anyways any help would be appreciated.Thanks
  12. theking23

    Titanium 23's Super Fake Beware!!!

    So Im looking through ebay trying to find a pair of 23's and I see this and some others like them.This guy has the nerves to get mad because I told him to stop selling fakes or I was going to report him.The he replies saying he has over 400 pairs of Jay's.Is it just me or if you have that many...
  13. theking23

    Which do you prefer?Original or Retro's?

    So here we go.I was sitting here thinking about all the Original Jordans that I had and want again and I thought what would be the best thing to do.Buy the Retro that are made with very little quality or buy the original's that were made to last.If I buy the originals I'm only buying them to...
  14. theking23

    LC/PC Original Air Jordan 10's

    Okay I already copped the red and white 10's now I want these.They were actually my first pair of Jordans.Dude says they are DS with all original items.So let me know what you guys think and what Price you would pay.
  15. theking23

    PC Air Jordan XVI White Midnight Navy!!!!!! A.S.A.P

    Alright I seen what the list said as far as price wise for these shoes but we all know that list is a little off on alot of shoes.They are Brand New never worn.So im reaching out to the community and asking what's a fair price to pay for these?No its not my auction I actually want to get these...
  16. theking23

    LC/PC Retro 3 TB and 23's UNC

    Okay by now you may have noticed that I LC alot of shoes.It's because I buy alot of shoes.If I legit check it on here I plan on buying it or trying.Anyways i got two pair this time to check.Air Jordan Retro 3 True Blues and Air Jordan 23 UNC's.The TB's shoe box got wet I think but the shoes are...
  17. theking23

    Legit sellers

    Okay Im having a problem with a seller on ebay.I bought a pair of shoes from him and they are definately b-grades(Check the 25th 11's LC thread).Well now im being told that since I didnt use a credit card to pay that paypal cant do anything about it.I think its time to make people aware why alot...
  18. theking23

    LC Air Jordan Retro 11 25th Anniversary!!!

    Okay heres the scoop.I've bought plenty of shoes from my man on ebay.He sells alot of shoes with no negative feedback.So I ordered these 25th 11's from him and I got them in and took one look and automatically rejected them from going into my collection.The collar on the right shoe is a little...
  19. theking23

    LC and PC on Air Jordan XVII

    I need a Legit and Price check on these Air Jordan 17's
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